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8 hours ago
THANKS BABE!1!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
17 hours ago
Oh.... oh.... oh... oh... oh.... oh.... oh oh,

I dn't deserve ya!! I did'nt meant to hurt ya!! Now l lost ya!!
I can't believe l did that to ya!! I'm sovery sorry!!! I hope you will forgive me!!
I love ya!!! So plz don't hate me!!! But your my life, my love my EVERYTHING!!!!
You mean more to me then any house or thing, l promise l love ya!! I never will forget ya!!! So never say l hate ya!!! Becuase l love you!!! And l will always!!!
Your my life my love my EVERYTHING!!!! You mean more then ay house or thing,
So don't say l don't love ya!!! You MEAN EVERYTHING TO ME!!!!!!
17 hours ago
Babe l wote this for you!! My love!!
21 hours ago
HIiiiiii can anyone read my story “ORGANISATIONS” it would mean a lot thx ;-;
23 hours ago
l'm fine l guess sobad stuff happend laat night and today but l'll tell you on the kids chat if you want.

GUESS WHAT??? wait what? How are you sisters? And how are you older? Hm...THE CCAMP THE HORSE CAMP REMEMBER?????????? And Isaabela is great!!! thnx!!
2 days ago
Did Josh Get in Trouble?
ARe you ok?
Please tell me. Guess what? Me and Hannah are sisters...and Im older...
Hw is Isabelle doing?
When could we meet?
3 days ago
SAY WHAT BELL???????????????????
3 days ago
Okay lwrote all the tstuff he did ad said that "ugghh... l dont know how to tell my parents l dont want to get him in trouble...." HE GOT IT TROUBLE HE AMMITED AND EVERYTHING!!!!!!!!!
3 days ago
3 days ago
3 days ago
25 days ago
Fairy Tale is the best anime in m opinion
74 days ago
Hello! My romantic yet sad fan fiction that is true called 'The Middle School Dance' is 100% true and Please read it I want more views and comments please!!!!
92 days ago
Hey, my name is Gray, I’m someone who’s been going through a lot right now and for the past few months, so I wanted to write about the stuff I’m going through. so I thought of doing kinda like a journal entry type thing where I write about stuff as if it were a journal, anyway I didn’t know if it would be a good idea so I wanted to put the idea out there, so if you like that idea, let me know!
96 days ago
im wwes biggest fan ever and forever because im the best there ever will be
100 days ago
I will definitely Read the series!!! :). :)
104 days ago
Hey fellow people on the interwebs. I just wanted to ask you all to read the loving you series. Cheesy self promotion, I know, but I feel like it is a good story and I really want more views and comments. thx!
116 days ago
Thank you very much for your support guys!
116 days ago
Kristi is right,PurityAngel77 is absolutely awesome!! I love you PurityAngel77!
117 days ago
PurityAngel77 is Amazing