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Thanks, AddyNick!
@The Dancing Minstrel, it takes a few days for quizzes and such to show up. Sometimes it'll be a day, sometimes a week, and if it's a really busy time like Christmas it'll take longer. You must have to wait and soon they'll appear
4 days ago
Hi everybody! I'm fairly new to allthetests, and I've made a bunch of fanfics over the past week or so, and I really like doing it, but the only place they are showing up is in the not included tests on my page if you search for my nickname (The Dancing Minstrel). PLZ tell me why this is happening and how to make it stop!!! (I hope that all made sense)
49 days ago
Hey y'all! I'm Lizzie. I would love some recommendations on some good ff. I would also love it if you checked out Walls Between Us in other ff. Xo, Lizzie
81 days ago
Trapped where?
84 days ago
plz help im trapped herejnnjj
104 days ago
105 days ago
commentcomment.......................... .......................LONG
155 days ago
Ur welcome ๐Ÿ˜
156 days ago
LOL yay thank you it worked! ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚
158 days ago
Well, u have to click save quiz, and it'll take a few days 4 it to show up. Maybe kinda a long time sometimes
158 days ago
Hey guys!
Iโ€™ve been writing many stories, but only one (Wish You Were Gone) has appeared on this screen! How do I get these on this screen. Iโ€™m new here (only found this website 4 months ago) and only 4 of quizzes (including wuwg) has been added! What should I do?
163 days ago
I am writing something different lol ๐Ÿ˜‚
205 days ago
Right now I'd like 2 try writing something different than I normally write. Does anyone have any suggestions?
207 days ago
So a little while ago I wrote a fanfic called Random Topics To Think About (For You Or I, I Don't Know. Just--To Think About) And I asked people to comment, but nobody has. Can somebody plz read it and comment? Just asking โ˜บ
220 days ago
Um ok?
220 days ago
Oh.. I'm sorry.. I just realized that my quiz had NOTHING to do with violence and that u just reposted it so ppl can see that other ppl aren't making abuse quizzes and that they shouldn't either and bcuz alot of ppl look at random comments and maybe they will realize that abusing is wrong
221 days ago
Hi everyone! If your against any type of abuse then please repost this message onto another quiz! Hopefully we can make everyone who do these quizzes aware that abuse and violence is never good!
Thank you for your time and I hope you all have a great day because you are wonderful and beautiful!
234 days ago
Thank you 143! I've had a ballerina, drawer/painter and a singer so far, but I know that there's more types of dance and instruments too! I have no idea how many books I'm going to make, so... actually, I'm not really sure what I was going to say
235 days ago
AddyNick Poetry is art! Music and dance too! And sculpture, and photography, and metal and glassworks