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Cute Japanese Names

Cute Japanese Names

Loving you part three

"Mine" By Bazzi (Lyrics) ***CLEAN***

Loving you part two


Can't be fixed (Fnaf story)

Can't be fixed (Fnaf story)

Moaning Myrtle

The Ships Fanfiction - GarLar, Zanvis and NaLu

The Ships Fanfiction - GarLar, Zanvis and NaLu

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Gray (54326)
Hey, my name is Gray, I’m someone who’s been going through a lot right now and for the past few months, so I wanted to write about the stuff I’m going through. so I thought of doing kinda like a journal entry type thing where I write about stuff as if it were a journal, anyway I didn’t know if it would be a good idea so I wanted to put the idea out there, so if you like that idea, let me know!
jeff (88578)
6 days ago
im wwes biggest fan ever and forever because im the best there ever will be
:) (47943)
11 days ago
I will definitely Read the series!!! :). :)
Adrianna (53207)
15 days ago
Hey fellow people on the interwebs. I just wanted to ask you all to read the loving you series. Cheesy self promotion, I know, but I feel like it is a good story and I really want more views and comments. thx!
PurityAngel77 (75270)
26 days ago
Thank you very much for your support guys!
CrystalClear_12 (16907)
26 days ago
Kristi is right,PurityAngel77 is absolutely awesome!! I love you PurityAngel77!
Kristi (16907)
27 days ago
PurityAngel77 is Amazing
PurityAngel77 (75270)
27 days ago
Ok, ok. I put fake comments onto my fanfictions. I've had a brutally honest comment from A REAL PERSON. It's understandable that people are mad at me. But I have to make one thing clear - I didn't even know that FRESHER was actually a user on this site. I swear I didn't. If I did I would never have made a fake comment using their username. I can't delete Silent Torture, but I've sent an email asking for it to be removed from the site. I can't get rid of the fake comments either. I deserve the roasts that people give me, I've lied and brought all this on myself. And nobody likes liars. So I'm sorry. I've been found out. If the fanfic isn't deleted, Then it will be changed to another better story.
Kylie Avenue (75270)
29 days ago
Can I just say something - PurityAngel77 is an amazing writer, and she deserves far more credit than she currently has. I recently found out her age and was shocked to discover that she is only 13. I mean, being such an amazing writer with only 13 years experience is just incredible. I'd love to hear more from you PurityAngel77, you are one of the best young online writers out there. Don't ever stop what you're doing.
Olivia Wolfe (16907)
33 days ago
I love PurityAngel77's fan fiction especially First Day of High School. Also Alessa's Dear Diary 1:The little girl group is good too!!
BLUE (24570)
35 days ago
Hey everyone, I really suggest reading purityAngle77’s stories, she’s a very good writer and I think her work should be noticed.
Scherbi (40646)
43 days ago
Hello. I am from germany (and I can't good speak english) because I want to see 🙂
PurityAngel77 (75270)
44 days ago
So happy that people are beginning to appreciate my work. What I just can't belive is that TWO of my works are on the #1 fanfiction page! I'm not an amazing Sophie Kinsella author, but I like to express my talent in litrature online.
Loo (89166)
46 days ago
dynamic (75270)
48 days ago
School Prom Story by PurityAngel77 is just beautiful. I'm quite frankly shocked at how underrated it really is. It needs to get more recognition ;-;
fluffyunicorn07 (08439)
103 days ago
I don't know any of these
Skux (84127)
124 days ago
the dankest
R. (35722)
127 days ago
I added some more stories to that if you're interested.
R. (32762)
141 days ago
If you like horror & stuff, you can check out my two sentence scary stories and put your own in the comments.
Potato A (55928)
141 days ago
I play Fortnite ps it takes a while to load