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GK Quiz For Pre-Primary Kids

This is a general knowledge quiz for pre-primary kids. If you have learned everything you need to know and do well on it, then you can advance. If not, you'll have to reach out for some coaching and a re-take. Good luck! P.S.: If you don't do well, don't be hard on yourself. What's considered general knowledge can vary from region to region.

  • 1
    Which disease, caused by mosquitoes, caused a number of deaths in Delhi recently?
  • 2
    Vaccination against which disease is given free every month to all children below age 5?

  • 3
    Which animal is called, "Ship of the Desert"?
    Which animal is called, "Ship of the Desert"?

  • 4
    Who is called, "Father of the Nation"?
  • 5
    What is name of a recent movie made on the life of a famous athlete?
  • 6
    Which is the largest animal on Earth?

  • 7
    Which month has the least number of days?
  • 8
    Which is the national flower of India?
  • 9
    Which festival is called the "Festival of Light"?
  • 10
    Which traditional event is organized before Dussehra, based on the life of Lord Rama?

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This quize is so interesting. I like to do it again and again
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Where can I get more such questions?
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Good progrramme
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l got 9/10 but l m disappointed my one wrong answer.
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I got 9/10 nice questions
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I got all right and I ainโ€™t a Indian!WOW!
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8/10 and im not indian
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I got 8/10 right I guess Iโ€™m pretty good
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I got 7/10
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But what country is our country???
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Questions were good
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It z gud for evry child
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its a good programe
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Good questions
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It is very nice program
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It's very nice programe to develop knowledge
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It is very nice program i also very interested about this matter.Thanks
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It is good