What Disney girl are you?
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What Disney girl are you?

This quiz is designed to let you know which of these way cool girls are you most like: Jasmine, Ariel, Mulan, Aurora, or Belle?

Question 1:What's your favorite color?

Question 2:What do you do in your free time?
Avoid boys and study.
Read, Read, Read!
Bake cookies, pick flowers...
Play with my super cute feline!

Question 3:Which description sounds like who you're crushin on?
Some one with a great personality and shares my interests.
Kind of a bad boy.
Someone who needs saving!
A handsome, perfect, super guy!
No one. I mean, at least not right now.

Question 4:What's your favorite food?
Seafood (Especially shrimp and crab!)
Salad (No, I'm not on a diet!)
Chinese. I love crab rangoon!
Anything exotic. Yummy!
Soup and Sandwiches. Slurp!

Question 5:What best describes how you fit in at work/school?
People think I'm weird.
I'm an athlete.
I'm not popular, but not outcast.
I'm pretty shy.
I'm way popular!

Question 6:Which sounds most like your house?
A little isolated cottage.
A really small house.
A really pretty, average sized house.
A mansion!
A huge house, but I hate it!

Question 7:What is your favorite subject in school?
Social studies

Question 8:What's your personality most like?
Loving, caring, sweet
shy, optimistic
shy, bookworm, don't care what people think
Defiant, strong-willed, stubborn
defiant, caring

Question 9:What's your family like?
Lots of brothers and sisters
only child and single parent(s)
1 other sibling
Story book (Mom, Dad, couple siblings)
Only child

Question 10:Which of these Disney girls is your favorite?

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