Classic Disney Quiz

Answer these quiz questions about classic Disney films such as Aladdin, The Jungle Book, Snow White, Pinocchio, Dumbo and others. See if you are a complete Disney maniac like me! P.S.: If you don't score that well, the homework assignment is awesome: Watch more Disney films!

  • 1
    What film has a snake called Kaa in it?
  • 2
    What is the name of the baboon in The Lion King?
  • 3
    In Aladdin, where does Aladdin find the Genie's lamp?

  • 4
    In the film 101 Dalmatians, who are the two men who capture the dalmatians for Cruella De Vil?
  • 5
    What is the name of the boy the mice rescue in the film The Rescuers Down Under?
  • 6
    What poisoned fruit does the Queen give Snow White?

  • 7
    Who trained Hercules to be a hero?
  • 8
    In Pocahontas, what is Governor Ratcliffe's dog called?
  • 9
    Who is the man who wants to marry Belle in Beauty and the Beast?
  • 10
    In Tarzan, how did Jane, Porter and Clayton get to the jungle?

  • 11
    Who owns the Siamese twins in Lady and the Tramp?
  • 12
    In The Aristocats, what kind of cat is Thomas O'Malley?
  • 13
    What kind of animal is called "flower" in the film Bambi?
  • 14
    In Toy Story, who owns Woody?
  • 15
    What animal does Pinocchio turn into?
    What animal does Pinocchio turn into?
  • 16
    What is the surname/last name of Wendy, Michael and John in Peter Pan?

  • 17
    In The Hunchback of Notre Dame, who is Frollo responsible for raising?
  • 18
    In The Little Mermaid, what city does Ariel live in?
  • 19
    What are Cinderella's slippers made out of?
  • 20
    In Dumbo, what color are the imaginary elephants that Dumbo can see?

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703 days ago
13/20 not bad I thought I'd get lower honestly
751 days ago
#Best Quiz 💃💃💃
852 days ago
Oh, and Rich Disney Fan (03703) I believe you but I am not jealous because I work so much every day cleaning, studying, cooking, reading, gardening, and sewing up rips that I am glad that I know how to be independent and I can grow up knowing how to do everything I want to know.
852 days ago
I did not do that good (18-20) But I have never watched the aristocats and I have not watched half of the movies in a year or so but most of them I got right. I have no time for movies, they are a waste of time. I have studied all summer long so that I can be the nerd in middle school.
#Using my brain cells to change the world. BTW this is the only website I go on that has anything to do with social media.
862 days ago
I got 4/20 I am such a loser
882 days ago
The only one I got wrong was from a movie I have never seen! The Hunchback of Norte Dame
906 days ago
920 days ago
Ofc I got 20/20 I am the biggest Disney fan I am a member of DVC and AP holder for WDW and Disneyland in Cali. Have been to each over 25 times have been to aulani 7 times, Disney cruise over 15 times and to all of the overseas parks atleast 5 times each everytime we go we stay in a 2 bedroom villa and pay for the deluxe dining plan our annual passes are the platinum plus passes the most expensive there are and when we go it is for at least two weeks we go on at least 5 Disney vacations a year not even mentioning the other atleast 5 vacations a year, I know your jealous, sorry if you think I’m lying idc if I could prove it I would🙄
952 days ago
I know zero about disney but i got 18/20
971 days ago
I got 20/20 Like i love Disney i'm a enormous fan of it and hope they make a descendants 4!!!
1019 days ago
I got 20 I beat all of you😎😎😎😎😎
1027 days ago
I got 20 out of 20 because I am a huge Disney fan!
1067 days ago
i Got 14/20 say win if you got higher
1068 days ago
Hi, I got 13/20, who beat me? Say rock you!!
That's all.
1069 days ago
20/20 I am a true disney fan
1079 days ago
I got 16/20 😜😜😜
1103 days ago
Haha tania, I got 18, beat Ittttttt!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
1199 days ago
This quiz is easy I'm a Disney fan and have been watching Disney movies I have seen the new beauty and the beast in total 50 times and cinderella 28 times as I'm a huge Disney fan so this quiz was easy as I got all of them right
1209 days ago
Well TheQuizzyAddict I got 16/20 so I 'GUESS' I beated you so you should always watch your back in case someone beats you (Such as me) which BASICALLY means you've been humiliated , In case you didn't know :)
1211 days ago
Five out of 20 questions