David Boreanaz Do You Really Know Him?
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David Boreanaz Do You Really Know Him?

A good looking man with a good start in the tv world. How well do you know him, his first tv guest appearance, everything about his tv life, his life in the spotlight

Question 1:   What was the first television show that David appeared in with an over 3 season contract?
Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Question 2:   During what season of Buffy the Vampire Slayer did David get his own spin off show?
Season 4
Season 6
Season 5

Question 3:   What is the name of his spin off show?
Angel's After Life
The Sad Story of Angel/Angelus

Question 4:   What is the name of David's wife?
Jaime Bergman
Kate Beckinsale
Kate Bosworth

Question 5:   What is the name of David's one year old son?

Question 6:   What new movie is David about to star in?
Valentine 2
Angel and Buffy the Movie
The Crow: Wicked Prayer

Question 7:   Did David guest star in the last 2 episodes of Buffy?
Um, what show is Buffy?

Question 8:   What word would you use to describe David's fashion?
Classy, Creative, and on some occasions, pretty far out!
Out there!

Question 9:   What color does he tend to wear in Buffy and Angel?

Question 10:   Is he in the spot light a lot, and does he like the lime light?
No, he gets out a lot but doesn't like the spot light
He likes the spot light, but isn't out and about a lot
Yes, he loves the spot light and the attention!

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