Are You Elijah-Obsessed?

Do you have notebooks filled with his name? Do you stare at the screen stupidly whenever he's on? Do you love those blue eyes more than life itself? Well, let's see how obsessed you are --- take the Elijah-Obsession Quiz!!

Question 1:Do you find yourself in Elijah Fanpages every day?
Question 2:Do you run one?
Question 3:Do you have fantasies with him in tropical climates, in limos, or...on the altar?
Question 4:Is your wall plastered with pictures of your blue-eyed angel?
Question 5:Do you have at least some on your wall?
Question 6:When you play M*A*S*H do you use him as your honey?
Question 7:Do you make an effort to watch every single motion picture he's in? Whether it's on TV or in the theaters?
Question 8:Do you squeal excessively whenever you see really good pictures?
Question 9:If he's in your area, do you stalk him?
Question 10:Do despise every single girl he's ever kissed?
Question 11:Do you know his birthday?
Question 12:Where he was born?
Question 13:How old he is?
Question 14:And his favorite color?
Question 15:Do you know he's a virgin?
Question 16:Really...?
Question 17:Do you where he is now?
Question 18:What he's doing?
Question 19:And why?
Question 20:Do you go around screaming "FRODO LIVES" frantically in echoey tunnels?
Question 21:Do you love his hair?
Question 22:OMG, SO DO I!!
Question 23:Are you on random chat sites that feature his name?
Question 24:Is he on your buddy icon?
Question 25:Is a PART of him your buddy icon?
Question 26:Is he your buddy?
Question 27:Do you know how many movies he's been in?
Question 28:Do you gaze at his picture endlessly while sighing?
Question 29:Do you talk to the picture?
Question 30:Does it talk back?
Question 31:You wish it did, don't you?
Question 32:Do you purposely dress/undress towards it?
Question 33:Do you own Flipper just because he has his shirt off for most of it?
Question 34:Will you name your children Elijah?
Question 35:Do you call him the following: Elijah
Question 36:Lij
Question 37:Frolijah
Question 38:HOT SEXY BITCH!
Question 39:Do you like ANY of his movies?
Question 40:And lastly, do you KNOW you're obsessed?

This Quiz has been designed by Nina.