How obsessed with Elijah Wood are you?
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How obsessed with Elijah Wood are you?

Elijah! Just love his eyes! How obsessed with him are you?

Question 1:Do you think Elijah is the hottest guy in the whole world?
Question 2:Did you know Elijah thinks Trekkies are strange?
Question 3:Did you know Elijah hates the movie Godzilla?
Question 4:Have you watched LOTR more then 5 times?
Question 5:More then ten?
Question 6:Just to see Elijah?
Question 7:Do you have pictures in your room of Elijah?
Question 8:More then ten?
Question 9:Did you know he turns 22 in January?
Question 10:Did you know his favorite books are "The Hobbit" and "The Hunchback of Notre Dame?"
Question 11:Did you know he lives in his mothers guesthouse?
Question 12:Have you visited an Elijah Wood fan site?
Question 13:More then 5?
Question 14:Do you visit them every time you come online?
Question 15:Do you hate all the woman he has ever even remotely liked?
Question 16:Including just in movies?
Question 17:Is Elijah on your desktop, screensaver, IM, etc?
Question 18:Have you ever screamed out his name for no reason?
Question 19:Do you annoy people by talking about him constantly?
Question 20:Your closest friends?
Question 21:Have you ever told anyone you were married to Elijah?
Question 22:Strangers?
Question 23:Have you ever written a letter to Elijah?
Question 24:And mailed it?
Question 25:Do you daydream about Elijah?
Question 26:Constantly?
Question 27:Do you find yourself defending Elijah even against the most ridicules offenses?
Question 28:Have you spent time imagining meeting Elijah and making plans to meet him?
Question 29:Gone through with those plans?
Question 30:Do you love Elijah with all your heart?

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