Are You Obsessed With Elijah Wood?
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Are You Obsessed With Elijah Wood?

Are you an obsessed fan?

Question 1:Are you in love with Elijah's eyes?
Question 2:Do you think Elijah is hot?
Question 3:Do you consider yourself an obsessed fan?
Question 4:Have you watched a movie just because Elijah was in it?
Question 5:Have you seen The Fellowship of the Ring more than ten times?
Question 6:Do you think the Faculty is one of the best movies ever made?
Question 7:Have you read more than ten biographies of Elijah?
Question 8:Do you often do Google image searches on Elijah?
Question 9:When watching the credits for The Fellowship of the Ring and the Two Towers, do you cheer when Elijah's name comes up?
Question 10:Have you ever bought a CD just because it's by a band that Elijah likes?
Question 11:Do you have every single magazine that he's featured in?
Question 12:Do you scream whenever you see him in a magazine?
Question 13:Do you watch an awards show just because Elijah's going to be there?
Question 14:Have you ever bought clothing is similar to what you saw him wearing in a picture?
Question 15:Have you seen more than five Elijah movies?
Question 16:More than ten?
Question 17:Do you go to an Elijah fan site every week?
Question 18:Have you made a website dedicated to Elijah?
Question 19:Do you daydream about him?
Question 20:Does your email address have something to do with Elijah, or one of the characters that Elijah has played in a movie?
Question 21:If you play neopets, are you in an Elijah Wood guild?
Question 22:Do you ever wish that you were born on January 28, 1981?
Question 23:Do you try to look for every similarity that you and Elijah have in common?
Question 24:Do your friends look at you and roll their eyes any time that Elijah's name is mentioned?
Question 25:If you're not 5'6", are you really disappointed?

This Quiz has been designed by Ashley.