Emma Watson Fun Quiz
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Emma Watson Fun Quiz

A funny quiz on the great actress and role model... Emma Watson! You have to check it out

Question 1:   What do you think about Emma Watson's fashion style?
Ugly. Awful.Terrible. Sorry I have to go to the bathroom...
Who the h*** is Emma Watson?
I'm so envious of it. Where does she get the stuff from?

Question 2:   What will you do if you meet Emma?
Probably I'll kill her, elbalm and put her into my room as a decoration... Finally she'll be MINE!
Meet - whom?
I'll scream... and run away... then I'll be SO ashamed of myself... but she's the goddess, I'm too bad for her... oh gosh!
I'll be sick... Yeah I will... Hopefully I won't spew!

Question 3:   You win a weekend with Emma. How will you act?
I still don't understand who you are talking about. But surely I'll go and get to know her, FINALLY!
I'll get to know her friends and kill all of them so Emma can be only mine... I don't want any rivals *evilish laugh*
I'll refuse it because I really can't stand her
I'll faint! Maybe even die... It just CANNOT be true!

Question 4:   What are you allergic to?
Anyone who knows Emma because I'm so JEALOUS of them!
Oranges and tomatoes...
Definitely Emma Watson! I get sick everytime I see her photos
What does it have to do with EMMA? She's PERFECT and don't you put her name in such kind of quizzes!

Question 5:   What would you do just to meet Emma?
ANYTHING! I could kiss the earth she walks on, or make the stars shine in the day...! Just tell when I'm meeting her?
I'll give money to someone who knows Emma so he/she introduces me to her
Oh my... The question should be "What would you do just not to meet Emma"?
Umm... just email her, I guess?

Question 6:   Describe your current feelings.
I'm so envious of Emma because she's just SO great
I feel sick... Honestly...
I'm really upset because of my Maths test results.

Question 7:   What are you doing at the moment?
I'm typing the answer on this stupid question
I'm staring at all the Emma posters in my room and thinking "I want to be as pretty as her! Immediately!"
I'm writing my 187.645th letter to Emma where I tell her that I'm her biggest fan
I'm sitting in the bathroom and...

Question 8:   How old is Emma?
13, she was born on 15th April 1990 in France but now she lives in Oxford, she also has a little brother named Alex, and her parents are ... blablabla...blabla
I'd love to be as old as her!
No f******* idea! I really don't care. If she's a good person, it doesn't matter.
Too old for me!

Question 9:   What do you want to have what Emma has?
Nothing! Me the miserable person mustn't have anything what Emma has
Oh goodness. Maybe her resistance against stomach troubles
Everything she has. Really EVERYTHING.
I don't know what kind of stuff she owns...

Question 10:   Describe Emma with one word!
BEST, PERFECT, IDEAL... Sorry, there are more words!
Rich, famous, adorable... anything like that. You can pick the word on yourself.
Disgusting. That's it.

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