Do You Know Finn Wolfhard? Quiz

This quiz is about the actor Finn Wolfhard, who stars in the 2017 hit TV show on Netflix, "Stranger Things." Let’s see how much you know about him - test yourself now! I am the world's biggest Finn fan, but maybe you could be the second! ;-)

  • 1
    When is his birthday?
  • 2
    What show/movie is he best known for?
  • 3
    How many siblings does he have?

  • 4
    How old is Finn currently?
    (January 2018)
  • 5
    Who did he play on Stranger Things?
  • 6
    What was his character's name on IT 2017?

  • 7
    What is his band's name?
  • 8
    Which did he film first, IT 2017 or Stranger Things?
  • 9
    What does he usually go live on?
  • 10
    Where does Finn live?
    (January 2018)

Comments (24)


351 days ago
Finn Wolfhard deserves the love he seems so nice i hope that's how he really is and i really want to be freinds with him 🥰😘💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💘💘 I love him to the moon and back
377 days ago
( sorry just AHH there adorable together even tho finn aint
799 days ago
I got 10/10 I love him SOOO freaking much ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
807 days ago
I got a 10/10 I love Finn Soo much I really want to meet him❤️❤️
897 days ago
((red)finn is such an amazing boy. I love him with all of my heart. his cheesy smile lights up the world ♡.10/10
954 days ago
I don’t understand why my friends think that Finn is ugly. He is awesome and I love him so much 😍❤️🤩👌
972 days ago
my friend thinks she knows finn more SHE WAS WRONG SHE GOT 4/10 AND I GOT 10/10 MANY TIMES
997 days ago
9/10 . I love Finn so much ❤️
1075 days ago
I got 10/10 I love Finn so so much and I went to see Calpurnia live in Manchester they're the best
1147 days ago
I legit love him and the rest of the cast so much (more than myself) and I wanna meet themmmmmmmmmmm
1147 days ago
I stan a living meme
1185 days ago
Sub to my YouTube and I know Finn yay I got 10
1248 days ago
Finn is a cool person..I guess wish I could meet him to tell him how cool he is ;/
1251 days ago
I love finn im going to go to hally wood and meet him when im in calage im actuly 3 years apart hes 15 and in 11 and i love stranger things and the new movie it. It was soo funny expeshly him i love im soooooo much and if you are reading this then i love you soooo much. My name is haily i was born 2006 and i think we have a lot in comin and i love stranger thing i hope stranger things 3 come out soo bad i never whant it to end. I gess what im saying is i love you and all that stuff and you sould play in alllot more movies 😍😍😍😍😘😘😘🤗😙🙂🙂😊🙂😊🙂😊 you are my favoret actor....💗💗💗❤❤🌹
1292 days ago
YASSS I GOT 10/10!!
I love Finn SO much!
1305 days ago
10 out of 10, Finn is my fav actor ever
1335 days ago
1339 days ago
Finn is so cute!!! I bet you like him as much as i do guys
1344 days ago
1345 days ago
Finn Wolfhard is the best!!!!!!!!!!!!