Finn Wolfhard Quiz

If you're a fan of Finn and feel that he's fine, you'll for sure find it fun to take my test. (F's are fun to say, don't you feel? Ain't alliteration awesome?) Sorry, I'll knock it off now...test your knowledge (or lack thereof) of the freaking FAB Finn Wolfhard right here!

  • 1
    When was Finn born?
  • 2
    Which character does Finn play in Stranger Things?
  • 3
    Finn is in a band called?

  • 4
    Does Finn have any siblings?
  • 5
    In Stranger Things 2, who did Finn have to kiss in the last episode?
  • 6
    Who did Finn play in IT?

  • 7
    Finn is from?
  • 8
    Finn has a T-shirt that says what on it?
  • 9
    Which of these is a song Finn and his band have created?
  • 10
    Do you love anymore more than Finn?

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852 days ago
well I'm not sleeping w him but I still got 10/10 😼🤠
1382 days ago
Hahah I got 9/10 😂😅👌