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How well do you know Gary Oldman?

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Are you an obsessed Gary Oldman fan? Think you know everything there is to know about him? Take this quiz and we'll find out how obsessed you REALLY are.

  • 1
    Where in England was Gary Oldman born?

  • 2
    Gary Oldman wrote and directed the film Nil by the Mouth. For whom did he dedicate it to?

  • 3
    Gary Oldman got the part of Sid Vicious for the film Sid and Nancy while who lost to it?

  • 4
    How many children does Gary Oldman have?

  • 5
    When was Gary Oldman born?

  • 6
    Where does Gary Oldman live now?

  • 7
    What film did Gary say he was 99% drunk in?

  • 8
    What kind of dog did Gary Oldman once recently own?

  • 9
    How was this dog, along with another, killed?

  • 10
    Which one of these movies did Gary Oldman NOT act along side with Kevin Bacon?

  • 11
    Teachers described Gary being this in school. What was it?

  • 12
    Which one of these plays did Gary actually act in?

  • 13
    Which one of these movies was Gary working on when his father passed away?

  • 14
    Which movie made Gary's kids finally look up to him?
  • 15
    Gary Oldman used to sing, “Like a virgin,” to a certain someone on set. Who was this someone?

  • 16
    What is the name of Gary’s oldest kid?

  • 17
    This is one of Gary Oldman's favourite movies. Which one is it?

  • 18
    How many weeks did he have to practice the piano for Immortal Beloved?

  • 19
    Gary Oldman considered a career in what before acting?

  • 20
    What one of these did Gary Oldman used work at when he was younger?

  • 21
    Gary Oldman has said he wishes he could work with who?

  • 22
    Which of the following has NEVER stated they were a fan of Gary Oldman?

  • 23
    Gary was once told he would never amount to anything in his life. Who said this to him?

  • 24
    Which kind of movie does Gary Oldman reported saying he would love to do?

  • 25
    Which one of these facts about Gary Oldman is false?

  • 26
    This actor is a very big fan of Gary's movie Nil By the Mouth. Who is it?

  • 27
    Gary Oldman got arrested for drunk driving with WHO in L.A.?

  • 28
    How old was Gary Oldman when his father left his family?

  • 29
    Who did NOT like working with Gary Oldman on set?
    Winona Ryder
    Kevin Bacon, Tommy Lee Jones, Robin Wright Penn, Demi Moore

  • 30
    Which one of these movies Gary was in did Gary himself think was a load or crap?

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