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How well do you know Gary Oldman II

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Failed the first Gary Oldman quiz? Want the chance to redeem yourself? Take the second all new Gary Oldman quiz!

  • 1
    What is the name of Gary Oldman's manager?
  • 2
    What accent has Gary Oldman reported is the hardest he's ever had to master?
  • 3
    Which character has Gary Oldman said has been the closest to how he really is?

  • 4
    What movie inspired Gary Oldman to act?
  • 5
    Which actor in particular inspired Gary to act?
  • 6
    Gary once said in a interview:
    "Once in a while I see the picture of me as ---, flicking the V-sign, and it haunts me! I hate it."
    Which character was he referring to?

  • 7
    Gary hurt his leg in an accident he only recently attended to. How did he hurt his leg?
  • 8
    Gary Oldman came up with the design for Drexel Spivey for True Romance on a movie set when he saw a real life person who looked like what he wanted Drexel looking like. What movie did this occur during?
  • 9
    On the set of Harry Potter 3, Gary said he got close to the rats on set and gave them all names, one in which he gave a celebrity name. What was this name?
  • 10
    Gary Oldman divorced his third wife, Doyna Fiorentino, in what year?

  • 11
    What premier is the photo to your left from?
    What premier is the photo to your left from?
  • 12
    What place has Gary said has been, by far, the weirdest place he's ever met a fan?
  • 13
    Gary Oldman once said this about someone:
    "He is God, isn't he?"
    Who was he referring to?
  • 14
    Gary said when he was a kid he has a plastic guitar with that faces of these people from this band. Which band was it?
  • 15
    Gary Oldman is known as the man of a thousand faces but when did he actually begin doing this?
  • 16
    Gary tried out for boxing once in his life. What did he personally say he was like in that area?

  • 17
    Someone said this about Gary:
    "I’ve had so much fun on the set with him, I have to cut 15 minutes a day because I’m laughing so much"
    Who said this?
  • 18
    Gary said this man to him is possibly the greatest American director. Who is it?
  • 19
    Gary Oldman lost weight for a movie by eating nothing but "steamed fish and lots of melons."
    What movie was this for?
  • 20
    What premier is the picture to your left from?
    What premier is the picture to your left from?

  • 21
    Which college did Gary go to?
  • 22
    Gary Oldman once said this:
    "With ---- I said I wanted a role where I didn't have to do anything stupid with my hair. My agent said "Read it again!".
    Which movie was he talking about?
  • 23
    A famous actor once said this about Gary:
    "He is just like I was at his age."
    Who was it?
  • 24
    Which character has Gary said he's had the most fun playing?
  • 25
    Gary Oldman said this one after rumors that he punched this actor because they were interested in the same woman:
    "I've only met ---- once very briefly. The whole story is nonsense, but it's just one of many. There would have to be two of me if even half this stuff they print about me were true."
    Who was this actor he was talking about?
  • 26
    Gary Oldman said he went to a pub where both his parents used to go to. His father to drink, but why did his mother go there?

  • 27
    In the end, Gary Oldman was angry at this director when the making of this movie ended.
    Which movie was it?
  • 28
    What movie is this picture from?
    What movie is this picture from?
  • 29
    Gary Oldman dropped out of high school at what age?
  • 30
    During the filming of this movie there was an earthquake and the next day Gary could be found measuring telephone poles to find out where they probably might fall if there was ever another. Which movie did this occur during?

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