A Very Hilary Quiz
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A Very Hilary Quiz

Are you the ultimate fan of Hilary Duff? Do you think that you know EVERYTHING about her? If so you better take this quick to test you "Hilary" IQ. This quiz is a part of Hilary Duff's Ultimate Fan Club (www.hilaryaduff.tk).

Question 1:   What is Hilary's full name?
Hilary Amanda Duff
Hilary Amelia Duff
Hilary Ashley Duff
Hilary Ann Duff
Hilary Alyssa Duff

Question 2:   When was Hilary Duff born?
September 29th, 1988
October 12th, 1987
September 28th, 1987
November 11th, 1988
September 18th, 1980

Question 3:   Where was Hilary Duff born?
Austin, Texas
Houston, Texas
Beverly Hills, California
New York, New York
Los Angeles, California

Question 4:   Hilary Duff became extremely popular after she starred in what Disney Channel Original Television Series?
Even Stevens
Sister Sister
Lizzie McGuire
Elizabeth McGuire
That's So Raven

Question 5:   Hilary Duff also starred in a Disney Channel Original Movie, what was that movie called?
Full Court Miracle
The Cheetah Girls
Cadet Kelly
Pixel Perfect

Question 6:   What are the names of the parents of Hilary Duff?
Mark & Susan Duff
Bob & Sally Duff
Aaron & Patricia Duff
Bob & Susan Duff
Bobby & Elizabeth Duff

Question 7:   What is the name of Hilary Duff's best friend?

Question 8:   What movie premiere did Hilary Duff NOT attend?
Bringing Down The House
Freaky Friday
American Wedding
Jimmy Neutron

Question 9:   What is Hilary Duff's first official CD called?
Hilary Duff (self-titled)
So Yesterday
Why Not
Come Clean

Question 10:   What is the name and age of Hilary Duff's sister?
Haylie Duff, 10
Hannah Duff, 17
Taylor Duff, 18
Taylor Duff, 8
Haylie Duff, 18

Question 11:   How old is Hilary Duff (as of January 10th, 2004)?
16 (sixteen)
18 (eighteen)
15 (fifteen)
14 (fourteen)
20 (twenty)

Question 12:   What is Hilary Duff's eye color?

Question 13:   What is Hilary's favorite kind of pet?

Question 14:   What is one PUBLICALLY KNOWN game that Hilary plays on her computer?
Big Back Yard Baseball
The Sims
Zoo Tycoon
Sim Theme Park

Question 15:   Who did Hilary Duff star in "Agent Cody Banks" with?
Aaron Carter
Brad Pitt
Frankie Muniz
Tom Cruise
Ashton Kutcher

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