The Ultimate Jim Carrey Test!
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The Ultimate Jim Carrey Test!

This is it. For anyone who's ever wondered how much they truly know the rubber-faced guy: are you just a 'fan', or are you...the ultimate... Carrey-holic? Find out here!

Question 1:Lets start at the very beginning. On January 17th 1962, James Eugene Carrey was born (hooray!). Where?
Jackson's Point
The Moon

Question 2:Jim was the youngest. Before he came along, who owned the title as the 'funniest member of the Carrey family?'
His dad; Percy
His mother; Kathleen
His brother; John
His sister; Rita
His sister: Patricia

Question 3:Jim loved playing practical jokes on his family. At one point, he had an infamous side-kick, helping him along. Who or what was this?
A pet white mouse
The neighbour's dog
His imaginary friend
A pet spider
None of the above; Jim worked alone

Question 4:At school, Jim regularly 'entertained' his classmates with his jokes, impressions, all round insanity. His act based on the 'Three Stooges' was a particular favourite. Which one did he play?
All three!

Question 5:Last one about his early childhood. Promise. Christmas, 1974. What was Jim's favourite present that year?
'Kermit the Frog' toy
A puppy
A harmonica
'Mr Carrot Top' puppet
A huge chocolate covered Santa

Question 6:Right...lets leave Jim as a boy. Even worse; Jim as a teenager! When he was 16, Jim and his family decided to quit their jobs at Titan Wheels, and move into that famous Volkswagen camper van. What colour was it?
A rainbow of colours

Question 7:Jim's first PAYING gig, was arranged by his good, old dad...where?
In a comedy club in Toronto
In someone's backyard
At Aldershot High School
No where. Jim arranged it himself.
At a restaurant in Scarborough

Question 8:Yuk-Yuk's. That famous comedy club in Toronto, everyone links with Jim Carrey. At around the same time, which other 'famous actor' made an appearance there?
Jerry Lewis
Buster Keaton
Dick Van Dyke
Matthew Broderick
Robin Williams

Question 9:In his early appearances at Yuk-Yuk's, something made Jim particularly unique, and stand out from the other performers. What am I talking about?
His hair. Jim's hair was crazy even before his Ace Ventura days.
His voice. Even when he wasn't 'acting', Jim voice was always high pitched and squeaky
His look. Jim was always clean-cut. Smart. Always in a suit.
His sense of humour. Jim was the only funny one there.
His third arm.

Question 10:OK, OK...enough of Jim's comedy club days. Lets get to the real stuff...Jim and his movies. These next lot are all based (loosely) on his tv/film appearances. Give it a go! Jim's FIRST EVER 'film'
Copper Mountain
Finders Keepers
Introducing Janet
Once Bitten
Peggy Sue got married.

Question 11:In 1989, Jim (unfortunately) starred in a film called 'Earth girls are easy'. Which role did he play?
the green alien
the blue alien
the yellow alien
the earth girl
the earth girl's partner

Question 12:In 1994, Jim starred as that crazy looney 'The Mask'. He couldn't have done it without the help of his four-legged though, who was called...

Question 13:There's 'something' in 'Liar Liar', that especially means a lot to the entire Carrey clan...what is it?
The entire airport scene at the end
The name of Carrey's character, Fletcher Reed
The house
The yummy birthday cake
'The Claw'

Question 14:We almost 'lost' Jim in the filming of a particular scene, for one of his films. What am I referring to?
The 'cliff' scene in Ace Ventura II
The 'cow' scene in Me, Myself and Irene
The 'car' scene in The Majestic
The 'water' scene, in The Truman Show
The 'chimney' scene in the Grinch

Question 15:Filming the Grinch was completely agonising for our poor old Jim. What was one of the main reasons for this?
Working with the cast; esp. that 'girl'
Working with the dog
Speaking in Dr.Seuss' famous rhyme
The big yellow contacts he had to wear on his eyes
He hates Christmas, and anything associated.

Question 16:Whilst on set, Jim will NEVER
speak on his mobile phone
crack jokes
listen to instructions
date any of his female co-stars

Question 17:During one of the MTV Movie awards, Jim made sure he didn't reveal that famous Me, Myself and Irene 'haircut' everyone was waiting to see, by
wearing a wig and beard, and looking like a hippie
not appearing at all that year
wearing a brown paper bag
communicating telepathically with the audience, from behind the scenes
Wearing a huge yellow and red striped hat

Question 18:Almost there...just three little last ones...Jim loves animals. He has a few of his own. but one of his best loved companions is:
a huge python
a siamese cat
a little goldfish
a big black dog
a small white fluffy dog

Question 19:Jim's first wife; Melissa- how did they meet?
she sold him a burger
she was on the set of one of his early films
she was a waitress in one of the comedy clubs Jim was performing at
they were both ice-skating...on that magical night.....
she lived next-door

Question 20:FINAL ONE!! This is it. Jim is continually being snubbed as an 'over-actor.' He replied to this once, by refering to a particular artist, who he claims no one ever calls an 'over-painter.'
Van Gogh

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