The Movies Of Johnny Depp
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The Movies Of Johnny Depp

Johnny is known for his quirky, offbeat choice of characters. He is possibly the world's most versatile actors and certainly one of the spunkiest! See how much you know about his movies in this quick quiz.

Question 1:What was the name of the character Johnny played in 21 Jump Street?
Tim Henderson
Roger Ramjet
Tom Hanson
Inspector Abberline
Inspector Morse

Question 2:How many times has Johnny been engaged?
Once - to Vanessa Paradis
Once - to Kate Moss
Three - to Sherilyn Fenn, Jennifer Grey and Winona Ryder
Twice - to Vanessa Paradis and Kate Moss
Five times - to all mentioned above

Question 3:In From Hell, which English accent does Johnny perfect as Inspector Abberline?
Liverpool Scouse
Posh upper-middle class
Cockney - like Michael Caine
Manchester - like on Full Monty
None of the above - his character was Irish

Question 4:Which of the Elm Street movies did Johnny star in?
Freddy's Nightmare
The Original - A Nightmare on Elm Street
Freddy's Dead
Nightmare 3 - The Dream Warriors
Wes Craven's New Nightmare

Question 5:Who did Johnny star with in Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas?
Keanu Reeves
Heather Graham
The Wachowski Brothers
Damon Wayans
Benecio Del Toro

Question 6:In Benny and Joon, what job does Sam apply for when Benny kicks him out for sleeping with Joon?
Janitor at the local high school
Clerk in a video store
Orderly in a mental institute
Check out register in a supermarket

Question 7:In the movie, What's eating Gilbert Grape,what is wrong with Gilbert's mother?
She's agoraphobic
She's deaf
She's so fat she can't leave the house
She's blind
She's dead

Question 8:Sleepy Hollow is a classic tale about which horrible urban legend?
The Headless Horseman
The Loch Ness Monster
The Maniac who stalks lovers in parked cars
The Babysitter killer
Jack the Ripper

Question 9:Christina Ricci knew Johnny well before she starred with him in Sleepy Hollow. Which of his former girlfriends played her sister in a much earlier movie?
Winona Ryder - Edward Scissorhands
Jennifer Grey - Dirty Dancing
Winona Ryder - Mermaids
Julia Roberts - Steel Magnolias
Lisa Kudrow - The Opposite of Sex

Question 10:Johnny has a tattoo with his mother's name. Is this true?
No - but he does have a Winona tattoo
Yes - it's on his butt
No he only has one tattoo that says Wino Forever
Yes - her name is Betty and the tattoo is on his arm
Yes, it's in a heart-shaped tattoo. Aaaagh.. how nauseating.

Question 11:In From Hell, Dr. William Gull asks "How long have you chased the dragon?". What does he mean by this?
How long has he been chasing Jack the Ripper?
How long has he been beating off? (minutes, hours?)
How long has he been chasing Mary Kelly's tail?
How long has he been addicted to Absinthe?
How long has he been addicted to Laudenum?

Question 12:Poor Edward Scissorhands. Destined to go about life looking like a total freak. What was his one talent?
Cutting hair
Creating amazing topiaries (hedge-trimming) for the neighbors
Pulling the chicks with his goth/cyberpunk gettup and soulful eyes
Cutting out the coolest dressup paper dolls
Performing brain surgery

Question 13:What happened to Glen in A Nighmare on Elm Street?
He got hacked to pieces while dreaming he was humping Miss America
He was gutted and hung from a tree
He got sucked into his bed while watching Miss America
He was burned alive
He survived by telling Freddy he didn't believe in him anymore

Question 14:In Don Juan DeMarco, what was the strange effect Johnny's character had on the female staff in his shrink's office?
He had them all in a hypnotic trance
He promised them all sexual favours (lucky girls!)
They were attracted to his charisma.. well, why wouldn't they, he is Johnny Depp!
He promised them money for making him look good by following him everywhere and drooling copiously
They were following him around like bitches in heat (he obviously had the Lynx Effect working for him)

Question 15:In Nick of Time, what does his character have to do or his daughter dies?
Assasinate the President
Detonate a bomb in the World Trade Centre
Kidnap the President's daughter
Kill the President's daughter
Assasinate a Senator

Question 16:Who stars as the Headless Horseman in Sleepy Hollow?
Christopher Lambert
Christopher Walken
Johnny Depp
Christopher Reeve
Christina Ricci

Question 17:About which silent movie star is Sam reading when we first see him in Benny and Joon?
Charlie Chaplin
Lon Chaney
Bela Lugosi
Boris Karloff
Buster Keaton

Question 18:Where does Johnny currently reside with his partner, and two children?
New York
Sydney Australia

Question 19:Which poet does Johnny's character get mistaken for in Dead Man?
William Blake
John Keats
Robert Frost
John Lennon
Lord Byron

Question 20:Where was From Hell filmed?
On a backlot at Dreamworks
Prague, Czech Republic
Los Angeles
Fox Studios in Sydney
London's East End

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