The ULTIMATE Johnny Depp quiz.
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The ULTIMATE Johnny Depp quiz.

Think you know everything there is to know about Johnny? I'll start you off easy, but trust me, they get harder as it goes.

Question 1:   Where and when was Johnny born?
Florida, January 7, 1962
Kentucky, June 9, 1963
France, July 27, 1964
Pennsylvania, February 14, 1963
Kentucky, June 8, 1964

Question 2:   What was one of Johnny's jobs before making it in the business?
T-shirt designer
Youth counselor

Question 3:   Which of these organizations does Johnny support?
The Lions Club
Fight Club (lol)

Question 4:   Which hot-spot does Johnny co-own?
The Viper Room
The Ivy
The Palm

Question 5:   How old was Johnny when he lost his virginity?

Question 6:   So far, how many movies has Johnny done with Tim Burton?

Question 7:   What was Johnny's first movie?
Edward Scissorhands
A Nightmare on Elm Street
Pirates of the Caribbean
Secret Window

Question 8:   What was the name of the only TV Series Johnny ever starred in?
Johnny & the Gang
All in the Family
I Love Genie
21 Jump Street
Dead Man Walking

Question 9:   What was the name of the French award Johnny received?
Le Petit Dejeuner
De Bonne Heure
Il Pleut

Question 10:   What/who made Johnny see the bigger picture in regard to his life?
His girl, Vanessa.
Making Pirates of the Caribbean.
Celebrating his 40th birthday.
The birth of his daughter.

Question 11:   What was something Johnny did to get out of his contract for 21 Jump Street?
Jumped off a building.
Lit his underwear on fire.
Threatened suicide.
Moved to France.
Egg'd everyones homes.

Question 12:   After filming a part of the Libertine, what did Johnny do at a local pub?
Started a brawl with each one.
Told his buddy that he would now go kill the bartender.
Played a round of darts.
Picked up the whole bars tab.
Left without paying his tab.

Question 13:   Johnny says what movie is his daughters favorite?
Gone With the Wind
Dumb and Dumberer
Finding Nemo
Monsters Inc
Beauty & the Beast

Question 14:   To Johnny, who is really a movie star?
Cary Grant
Clark Gable
Jack Nicholson
Johnny Depp
Groucho Marx

Question 15:   Who did Johnny base "Mort Rainey" on?
Brian Wilson
Jean-Dominique Bauby
Stephen King
His father

Question 16:   What do the French locals know Johnny as?
Abeille de roi
L'homme le plus sexy vivant
Roi du monde
Poule de père

Question 17:   What time was Johnny born?
6:00 am
7:30 pm
12:00 pm
8:44 pm
11:55 am

Question 18:   What did Johnny first notice about Vanessa?

Question 19:   Why did Nicholas Cage take an interest in Johnny?
Because of his looks
He just looked into those eyes and he was sold, just like the female population
Cause Lori forced him too
Because he liked the way he sang
Because he ruined Johnnys nice suit and had to pay him back somehow

Question 20:   Why did Johnny decide to raise his children in France?
So they would learn to hate America.
He couldn't stand raising kids in America.
He loved France so much he had to move them there.
To keep them shielded from Hollywood.
Vanessa forced him against his will.

Question 21:   How much French does Johnny know?
Tons, he's fluent in it
The only French he needs to know is French kissing
Not one word, he's totally oblivious to the fact that he lives in France
Not to much, but he's learning
Some, I don't know, don't ask me

Question 22:   What song was Johnny cleaning to in Benny & Joon?
In My Life
Pushing forward back
The Rose
In Your Eyes
Sweet Bye & Bye

Question 23:   What does Johnny say will be a really nice perk to being old?
Seeing his kids follow their dreams
Spending more time with Vanessa
It would be nice to just fade away and have no one bother him
Playing with his grandchildren
Just being old

Question 24:   Johnny has a house in 2 places, where are they?
England and Spain
France and US
Mexico and Australia
Florida and Bermuda
LA and France

Question 25:   Where does Johnny currently reside with Vanessa and their two children?
Paris, France
Plan-de-la-Tour, France
Fleury, France

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