How High Is Your Fever?
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How High Is Your Fever?

Think you got Johnny Depp Fever? See just how high your temperature is by taking this quiz!

Question 1:   How many times a day do you think of Johnny on average?
I usually don't
Over a dozen
At least a few

Question 2:   How many pictures/posters of him are on your wall?
5 or more

Question 3:   How many of his movies have you seen?
11 or more
Less than 5

Question 4:   How many times have you seen your favorite movie of his?
Again and again, even in theaters!
At least 2 or 3 times
Just the one time

Question 5:   How many times do you go to Johnny Depp related sites?
Every single day
A couple times a week
Not often

Question 6:   Do you sign your last name as 'Depp' on Johnny related sites?
Oh yeah, every time
No, that's silly
I have before

Question 7:   Do you find yourself quoting his movies a lot?
I have to get a line in at least once a day
Umm, no
Yeah, sometimes

Question 8:   Do you find yourself relating everything to Johnny Depp?
All the time
Sometimes, I guess

Question 9:   Do you have plans to meet him?
Why would I?
I know exactly where he's gonna be!
I have hopes, but that's all

Question 10:   Dear God, are you spying on him outside his house right now?
I wish
You caught me, I'm on the internet via my cellphone and I'm watching him right now
Of course not!

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