How Well Do You Know Noah Schnapp? Quiz

If you know Noah Schnapp, this quiz will be a snap! Take it now and see if you're as well-acquainted with him as you think (or maybe should be!). And if you DON'T really know Noah, you might get to know him some moah (get it, more = moah?). See how you do!

  • 1
    What is Noah's full name?
    What is Noah's full name?
  • 2
    Who is Noah's crush?
  • 3
    When is Noah's birthday?

  • 4
    Where was Noah born?
  • 5
    Is Noah adorable?
  • 6
    Was Stranger Things Noah's first show?

  • 7
    What's Noah's twin sister called?
  • 8
    What movies is Noah in?
  • 9
    Will Noah ever notice you (if you have a fan account)?

    (Btw, mine on IG is called @awnillie.)
  • 10
    Bonus: Who do you ship?

Comments (15)


12 days ago
Noah It 's so beautiful♥️
64 days ago
Oh my god,I love Noah
125 days ago
noah is so cool i wish i could meet him he is such a cool actor love chloe henderson
128 days ago
guestion 6: the answer is stranger things is the first tv series but not the first show in genenrel
247 days ago
Umm..... Pretty cool quiz, I got all the answers right tho. Noah is great, and sooooo cute, he is such a lovely and sweet person. I also kinda ship Millie and Noah, I think that they would be a great couple. Btw if sorry my grammar is not correct, I'm not American or British!! Sorry mates. And I can't get over the fact how cute he looked in Strangers Things, his hair was so funny but also cute. Btw can't wait for the season 4.
267 days ago
Hehe i wish millie and noah were together there so cute
475 days ago
Well I got 9 out of 10 and I definitely do not ship me and noah
502 days ago
Noah is a good friend, I love him and he's so talented.. If we are making TikToks we have every time bloopers.. Noahieee If you see this! I love you!
609 days ago
Today I had a dream about him I dreamed that he would come to my class at the beginning of my dream it was so noah came in class I thought he was Noah Beck then I hated him but then my bff told me that he is Noah schnapp I said to her wait a minute I went out because great room and screamed sooooo loud and I came back in to the class room. I know its a great dream
645 days ago
Noah schnapp is the best person ever and Millie that’s true
648 days ago
I love noah not just for stranger things for how smart cute and talented he is.
656 days ago
Bro he is my mega crush
657 days ago
I hope I meet him one day but I probably won’t cause I come from a broke family:( but I’ll never let that get in-front
of me achieving my dreams :)
746 days ago
I hope i get to meet him soon I just had a dream about him he is my crush💗
808 days ago
Umm... I luv Stranger things.... can’t wait for 4th season! Blessings ;)