Legolas Obsession Quiz
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Legolas Obsession Quiz

Just how obsessed are you with our favorite elf?

Question 1:Orlando Bloom. . .
Almost as hot as Legolas.
Better then Legolas.
Doesn't exist! Legolas is REAL!

Question 2:Legolas would look better if. . .
He had short hair.
Nothing! He's perfect!
He had dark hair/eyes.
He didn't wear a shirt.

Question 3:Legolas is. . .
The Prince of Lothlorien.
The Prince of Mirkwood.
An emissary of the wood-elves.
None of the above.

Question 4:When you see a tall guy with long, blond, hair, you think. . .
Copycat! The guy's trying to emulate Legolas, but could never succeed.
Looks enough like Legolas to be potential date material.
Ugh. . . Long hair.
My precioussss. . .

Question 5:After the movie you consider taking archery lessons. After mulling over it, you decide. . .
Ah, been there, done that, got the first place ribbon.
Yes, and maybe they'll teach me how to do the 'stab & shoot' routine.
Sure, why not?
No, weapons are bad.
I would, but I tried before & I'm no good.

Question 6:When you see a picture of Legolas, (other then on the web) you. . .
Gaze at it in awe.
Complain that you can't find any close-ups.
Smell it or kiss it.
All of the above.

Question 7:You would describe Legolas as. . .
There are no words.

Question 8:You have drawn. . .
1 or more realistic pictures of Legolas.
1 or more chibi Legolas's.
Both of the above.
1 or more bad drawing of Legolas. (Be honest, now.)

Question 9:When conversation stalls between you and your friends. . .
They all begin talking to prevent you from starting on one of your Legolas rants.
You only associate with fellow LotR's fans, so naturally a heated debate insues over who's the best: Legolas, Frodo, or Aragorn.
None of your friends know of your obsession, you're too embarrassed to say..
None of your friends know of your obsession, you don't want to share YOUR Legolas.

Question 10:Who is the father of Legolas?

Question 11:When is Legolas first mentioned?
The Hobbit
The battle at the beginning of FotR
Council of Elrond

Question 12:When you see the word 'leaf'. . .
You think of fall.
You think of elf-boy. . .
. . .And you promptly inform everyone in the nearby surroundings of the fact.

Question 13:If you could have 1 minute with Legolas, NOT Orlando Bloom, what would you do?
Kiss/Make out
Pretend you don't know who he is

Question 14:When do you think Legolas is at his best?
Council of Elrond
Amon Hen
On the mountain

Question 15:Just out of curiosity, what do like best about Legolas?
All of the above

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