How do you like your Orlando Bloom?
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How do you like your Orlando Bloom?

In this test, we will see how you like your Orlando Bloom?

Question 1:If Orlando and you were going on a date, where would you go?
To the Theme park
To a fancy restaurant
To the park

Question 2:If Orlando bought you a present, what would it be?
A really nice outfit
A cool bike so that you can go riding together
Diamond earrings

Question 3:If Orlando had come over to your house for dinner with you and your parents, how would he act?
Telling your parents that the food was wonderful, even though it wasn't
Telling your parents about all the cool surfing spots that he had found
Quiet, and respectful

Question 4:If Orlando was caught cheating on you for another girl, what is the least he would have to do to get you back? THE LEAST!
Give you passionate kisses
Put his arms around your waist and tell you how beautiful you are
Take you snowboarding

Question 5:If Orlando and you got together alone at night, what would you be doing?
Sneaking out of the house and causing trouble
Snuggling together
Reading poetry

Question 6:If Orlando asked you to be in one of his movies, what part would you play?
His sister that gets killed
A best bud of his
His long lost, but now reunited lover

Question 7:If Orlando and you went out, would you want it to be public?
Sure, why not
No, just between us
No, just say that he is mine

Question 8:If Orli and you were put in a magazine as a couple, where would you want to be put?
In the new couples section
In the lovers section
In the sports section (after all he is a extreme sports fanatic!)

Question 9:What do you like better?
A huge ocean
A running river
A beautiful lake

Question 10:What type of Orlando's hair styles do you like best?
Shaved or mohock
Short and spiked
Short and curly

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