How Legolas/Orlando obsessed are you?
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How Legolas/Orlando obsessed are you?

Are you a true Legolas or Orlando fan? Or do you hate them with an innermost passion? Find out in this quiz and reveal your hidden obsessiveness!

Question 1:Who is Legolas?
He’s an Elf.
Legolas is the ugliest dude I know! Bleugh! He disgusts me!
Ummm…I don’t know.
Legolas is the hottest dude in the whole of Middle Earth!

Question 2:How many Legolas and/or Orlando posters do you have in your room?
Oh, I have tons. They’ve all been ripped up, burnt until crisp, then fed to the dog.
A few.
Well, last time I checked I had a little over 150 and since then, I’ve added pictures from about another 11 magazines.
Who is he? Where do I get them?

Question 3:How many people have you turned into Legolas/Orlando fans?
Fans? HA! My friends and I hate him!!!
Everyone I know!
Everyone talks about him…who is he???
A couple of people…it’s not a big deal.

Question 4:If you could have one wish, what would it be?
Ummmm…to get a Legolas poster I wanted.
To meet Legolas or Orlando!!! DUH!
Kill Orlando kill Orlando kill Orlando kill Orlando…
To have a happy life…?

Question 5:Your dream guy is…
Brown eyes, brown hair, olive-skinned…exactly like Orlando, of course!
Someone who wants to kill Orlando…like me.
I dunno. Someone.
Ummmm…someone who looks a little bit like Orlando…

Question 6:Whenever you hear the words ‘Legolas’ or ‘Orlando’, you say…
“Yeah, he’s hot” and shrug your shoulders.
“Oh yeah, I know him. Wanna help me kill him?”
Nothing, you’ve already fainted at the hearing of those two beautiful words.

Question 7:Your daily hairstyle is…
Ummmm…whatever I feel like?
Occasionally slightly resembled to Legolas’ style.
Naturally/dyed blonde, two plaits running along the side and pulled back a bit around the back of the head.
Spiked in eight triangles…to show my anti-Legolas pride!

Question 8:You think Orlando’s fashion sense is…
Absolutely gorgeous!!! I love it!
Ugly. Untasteful. Strange. Gross.
I’ve never seen his clothes before…how am I supposed to know?!?
Weird, yet original.

Question 9:If you had a chance to meet Orlando…but it meant flying to the other side of the world, missing out on appearing on the TV show you’ve always wanted to star in, not getting the reeeeeeally cute dog from the pet shop and missing out on $200 pocket money…would you still go?
Um, is that even a question? Of course I’d go!!!
No way. I’m not missing out on all that stuff just to see some guy I’ve never heard of.

Question 10:Orlando gets married to a gorgeous actress. What do you do?
I dunno. Good for him, whoever ‘Orlando’ is, I guess.
Commit suicide. There’s no point in living anymore.
Don't care. There are more fish in the sea.
How could anyone love him? She must be crazy. Kill her too.

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