How much do you know about Orlando Bloom
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How much do you know about Orlando Bloom

Just one fan to another...

Question 1:The classic.. What is Orlando's favourite color??
Red and Black

Question 2:When was Orlando born?
January 20, 1977
July 13, 1978
May 5, 1979
January 12, 1978
January 13, 1977

Question 3:And where was he born?
London, England
Manchester, England
Ipswich, England
Not in England (fake accent)
Canterbury, England

Question 4:What was his first film?
Lord of the Rings, played the elf, Legolas
Black Hawk Down, played private Blackburn
The Calcium Kid, played Jimmy
Wilde, played a rent-boy
Bridget Jones' Diary, a nameless face in street

Question 5:Does Orlando have a pet? If so, what is it's name?
Yeah, a dog called Maude.
Yes, a dog named Mitzi
No, no pets..
Yes, a cute little cat called Julie
Yeah, a dog named after his favourite 'superhero', Clark (as in Clark Kent, aka, Superman)

Question 6:How old was Orlando when his father died?
His father is still alive.... tricky.... ;)
He was four
He had just turned ten
He wasn't even born
He was seven

Question 7:Does Orlando speak a foreign language?
He speaks french
Yeah, german
Nah, just english mate..
He speaks french, german and italian.. Wow!!
Yeah, italian and french

Question 8:Has Orlando ever broken a bone in his adventures?
Yeah, quite a few times actually..
Yeah, broke his left leg twice, broke three fingers and cracked a rib..
No, lucky guy, eh??
No, he only twisted an ankle once..
He must have, right??

Question 9:Who is Samantha?
His sister
His mother
His girlfriend
His first pet, RIP..
His grandmother

Question 10:So, the dreaded question for anyone of Orlando's fans... Is he dating anyone??
Eh, I just told you, her name is Sonia..
Yeah, duh... ME!!!
He doesn't kiss and tell but there are rumours...
Yeah, his co-star from Pirates, Kiera Knightley.. Haaate her!!
No, free as a bird.. And loving it...

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