Orlando Bloom
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Orlando Bloom

For Girls! How much do you REALLY know about this hottie? The questions get harder as you go down...

Question 1:   What is Orlando's hair like?
brown and shoulder-length
Since when did he have hair? wait...who are we talking...
I think it's brown...
It's brown, wavy, gorgeous and down to his shoulders!

Question 2:   And his eyes?
chocolaty brown, handsome, and serious!
Uh...blue? No, green...uh..........
I remember they were the same as his hair...
dark brown

Question 3:   How old is Orlando?
Someone told me he was in his 20's
He is 27 on January 13th 2004!
34? 18? c'mon this is impossible...

Question 4:   Does he have siblings?
a sister: Samantha, and a dog
Siblings? Duh, he has eleven brothers George, Sam, John...
He has an older sister named Samantha and a dog: Maude!
I think he has one sibling...or two

Question 5:   What does he like to do outside of acting?
Um, I heard he does archery- oh wait that was in LOTR
Uh, he only likes to act in movies- OBVIOUSLY
art and adrenaline activities
Photography, sculpting, bungee jumping, sky diving!

Question 6:   What did Orlando first audition for in Lord of the Rings?
The lighting guy, of course!
He might have been Faramir!

Question 7:   How far did he go in school?
He dropped out at 16 and later when to acting school!
he went to graduate school and became a lawyer, got a firm called Bloom's law...
2nd year of high school
Well an actor would have gone through college and acting school

Question 8:   How did Orlando wear his hair in Pirates of the Caribbean?
I'm more familiar with LOTR
Didn't he dye it pink in one of his movies?
He wore it in a sleek brown pony-tail!

Question 9:   Where was he born?
Canterbury, England
LA! Yeah baby...
England I think
He was born in Canterbury, England and now lives in LA!

Question 10:   Who was Orlando's father?
Colin Stone
Orlando Bloom Senior, idiots!
Colin Stone but Orlando didn't know it until (I'll shut up)!
Harry Bloom

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