Are you a real Orlando Bloom Fan?
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Are you a real Orlando Bloom Fan?

Question 1:   How many siblings does Orlando Bloom have?
One, his sister, Samantha
Orlando Bloom?
Who would want to have more kids, after what he turned out like! He doesn't have any siblings!
Two, Antonio and Sara
Two, Ben and Galen

Question 2:   What is Orlando's favorite clothing brand(s)?
Target and Old Navy
Uhhhhh... 5? What?
Why should I know?
Old Navy

Question 3:   What is Orli's Dad's name?
Who is this guy you keep mentioning!
Corbin Stone
Colin Stone, Bob... Uhhh, Joe?
Harry Stone

Question 4:   What is Orlando's favorite movie?
Favorite movie! Are you kidding me! This guys an actor!
The Matrix

Question 5:   If you could go and meet O.B, what would you do?
Who would want to go see him?
snore* ... what?...5?...Huh?
Go straight there! DUH!

Question 6:   Who is Orli's favorite actor?
Robin Williams
Actors don't have favorite actors! What am I going to do with you! *sigh*
How should I know? It's not like we're related!
Bob Dylan? ... Is he even an actor?...
Johnny Depp

Question 7:   What is Orlando's favorite soccer team?
Manchester United
What about soccer?
Orlando is who?
Did you just ask me a question? ... About Orlando Bloom? DIE!

Question 8:   On your door ...the first thing you would do would be
Faint of the stench... EWWWWW!
Where did he learn my address!
smile and invite him in
I don't know who this O.B. guy is!
Faint at the very sight of him

Question 9:   If you interviewed them, would most/all of your friends say they're O.B fans?
Yes! I can't stand not to be around anybody as obsessed as I am!
No... we all hate him and are proud of it!
Well... Maybe...
Most of them would say yes.... But there are a few...
What friends? Where are you getting this info!

Question 10:   What is his dog's name?
Anna, of course!
Maude, DUH!
How am I supposed to know that? Do you!
Spike. Everybody names their dog Spike.

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