How well do you know Orlando Bloom?
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How well do you know Orlando Bloom?

You may have seen the movies, and have the pics... But do you know the REAL Orli?

Question 1:   What line does Orlando have in Pirates?
Bloody Pirates!
At least once more Miss Swan

Question 2:   What are Orlando's thoughts about computers?
I HATE them!
They're O.K
1/2 and 1/2 . I don't mind them.
Is that a question! I love computers!

Question 3:   Who is Orlando's biological father?
Harry Stone
Colin Stone
Johnny Depp
Richard Stone

Question 4:   Who is Faramir?
The part O.B originally auditioned for in The Calcium Kid
The part O.B originally auditioned for in Wilde
The part O.B originally auditioned for in LOTR

Question 5:   Who is Orli's favorite celebrity?
Johnny Depp
Linda Evans
Jack Nicholson
Ryan Seacrest
Liv Tyler

Question 6:   Did Orlando ever smoke, and if so, when did he quit?
No. He's a good boy.
Yes. He quit in 2000
Yes. He quit in 2002

Question 7:   How tall is Orli?
5' 11
5' 10
6' 2
6' 0

Question 8:   When does 'Kingdom of Heaven' come out in the U.S?
May 6th 2005
November 23rd 2005
January 8th 2006
August 4th 2006
Should I know this?

Question 9:   Is he married?
Yes.Darn her!
No. She died in 2000.After 3 yrs. of marriage.
No. he's single and he's MINE!

Question 10:   How many bones has he broken?
9, and he's fracctiared his skull 3 times!
12 and sprained his ankle.
0! Ha, Ha, HA! He's super-powered!

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