Orli fan or not?
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Orli fan or not?

Everyone...or at least me loves Orlando Bloom, but do you truly know him? Find out here!

Question 1:   Orlando bloom's favorite color is...?
Blue. Everyone knows that!
Black...the color of his pet goldfish..
Yellow, the color of the sun...

Question 2:   O.K. Now that the easy question...Here's this. What is Orlando's pet and it's name?
His Scottie dog, Maude
As I said...His goldfish, Pooch
He doesn't have pet
*snore*...The answer is the square root of...CAT! BILLY!

Question 3:   Riiighty then... Orlando's nick name is...(Come on this is easy!)
O man

Question 4:   Good job! (Not!) Eh hem! Continuing...Orlando loves The Lord of The Rings but he originally tried out for the part of...?
Aragon...I think
Legolas! And he got it! Only because he is such a good actor.
Gandalf (He likes the older type)

Question 5:   Okee day then. What was Orlando's biological father's name?
His mother never married
He was adopted

Question 6:   What are his mother and sister's names?
Joanna and Kat
Barbara and Gabriel
Sonia and Paige
Sonia and Samantha

Question 7:   Almost there...Wouldn't you know. Does Orlando like his reputation for being a heart throb?
Duh! That way he gets all the girls!
Sort of..sometimes he doesn't mind
Of course noot! All he wants to do is act!

Question 8:   ENGALND IS THE CAPITAL OF VENEZUELA!(How would Orlando answer?)
Oh I get it you r just messing with my mind so I'll think it's true when really it isn't and my thoughts aren't what I thought and...
Really? *laughs under breath*
No actually it's a country good friend

Question 9:   One more question to go after this! How did Orlando break his back?
He fell from a three story building helping a friend.
He never broke his back
He fell off a horse
His friend broke it trying to pop his back

Question 10:   Last but of course not least how does Orlando like his girls?
Expensive girls, preps, high quality wanna-bes!
Shy and sensitive girls, short hair and glasses
He likes girls who don't bring attention to themselves, who don't try to change who they are and don't care what others think
He doesn't like girls
Jock girls, tom-boys, rough girls ready to pick a fight and who don't care about their figure

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