How much do you love Jason Wiles?
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How much do you love Jason Wiles?

I love Jason Wiles, also know as Bosco from NBC's Third Watch, but do you know all of the intimate details a stalker would, hahahaha just kidding....well maybe:):)

Question 1:   What is Jason Wiles middle name?

Question 2:   What is his birthday?
February 5, 1970
April 25, 1970
April 7, 1975
June 9, 1969

Question 3:   Where was he born?
The Moon
Vancouver, British Columbia
New York, New York
Seattle, Washington
Lenexa, Kansas

Question 4:   What is the name of his wife?
Rebecca Jameson
Faith Yokus
Joanne Roberts
Christine Easter

Question 5:   What is the date of their marriage?
April 25, 1996
January 1, 2000
The year was 2032...
November 17, 1997
November 16, 1996

Question 6:   What is the name of their baby girl?

Question 7:   When was their daughter born?
November, 1996
April, 2001
July, 2001
Baby? What Baby?
October, 1955

Question 8:   Where does the family currently reside?
N.Y. and L.A.
T.X. and L.A.
W.A. and N.Y.

Question 9:   What was the name of the character he played on Beverly Hills, 90210?
Maurice Boscorelli
Tom Jones
Jake Hawkins
Colin Robbins
Keith Michaels

Question 10:   Has he ever appeared in a Music Video, and if so who's?
yes, he was in a Metallica music video
no, he was never in a music video
yes, he was in a Celine Dion music video
no, but he has made a music video
yes, he was in a Bon Jovi music video

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