The Ultimate Meryl Streep Quiz

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To all of you who are Meryl Streep fans, I've made this quiz to see how well you know our Meryl. I ask you not to cheat because only true fans know these by heart. Have fun!

  • 1
    What year was Meryl born?
  • 2
    What age did Meryl have to start wearing glasses?
  • 3
    When is Meryl's Birthday?

  • 4
    What do people praise Meryl for besides her acting?
  • 5
    What do directors have to do in order to hide Meryl's deviated septum?
  • 6
    If Meryl didn't become an Actress, what other career did she want to pursue?

  • 7
    Who calls Meryl "My Generations Genius"?
  • 8
    What is Meryl afraid of?
  • 9
    In what TV show did Meryl have a character named after her?
  • 10
    In High school, what 2 things did Meryl become?

  • 11
    What job did Meryl have before her Acting career took off?
  • 12
    Where did Meryl grow up as a child?
  • 13
    Meryl joined a travelling theatre company as a young woman. Where was this theater guild located?
  • 14
    When Meryl won her 1979 Oscar, where did she leave it?
  • 15
    How many BAFTA award nominations has Meryl received?
  • 16
    How Many Award nominations does Meryl have altogether?

  • 17
    What year did Meryl receive her star on Hollywood's Walk of Fame?
  • 18
    What role did Meryl get instead of Madonna?
  • 19
    What Accent did Meryl use in "Out of Africa"?
  • 20
    In What Movie did Meryl say, "You look me straight in the face and admit you thought I was cheap!"

  • 21
    What movie did Meryl first appear in?
  • 22
    How many comedies has Meryl made from her early years to the present? ( They also include movies with other categories like drama, family, or romance and NOT a comedy by itself)
  • 23
    In which role did Meryl have to lose 15 or more pounds?
  • 24
    Which two movies did Meryl win her first two Academy Awards?
  • 25
    Which of these films was Meryl directed by Wes Craven?
  • 26
    What was Meryl's name at Birth?

  • 27
    Meryl once starred in a movie written by Carrie Fisher. Which movie was this?
  • 28
    How many Children does Meryl have?
  • 29
    What accent does Meryl use in 'Dancing at Lughnasa'?
  • 30
    For which of the following films of the '80's did Meryl NOT receive an Oscar nomination for?

  • 31
    For which of the following films of the '90's did Meryl NOT receive an Oscar nomination for?
  • 32
    Which Director said this about Meryl? "One of those phenomena, like Garbo, that happen once in a generation."
  • 33
    Which film did Meryl learn to play an instrument for?
  • 34
    Which University did Meryl Study Drama at and get her Degree in 1975?
  • 35
    Is Meryl a fan of Chinese Cinema?
  • 36
    Is it true that Meryl had lost 7 pounds for "The Devil Wears Prada" because she had to fit into the clothes?
  • 37
    Which Tom Cruise film did she have to back out of in 2002 to be replaced by Lois Smith?
  • 38
    What does Meryl's husband, Don Gummer, do for a living?
  • 39
    In Which two films did Meryl play a Lesbian?
  • 40
    Who played Meryl Streep's partner in "The Hours"?
  • 41
    Which film does not show Meryl Streep's singing voice in any way?
  • 42
    Meryl Streep played four characters in "Angels in America."
  • 43
    When Meryl Streep accepted her Golden Globe Award for her work in "Angels in America," she criticized President Bush's views on which issue?
  • 44
    Which celebrity does Meryl Streep think resembles her side of the family?
  • 45
    Name the director who didn't direct Meryl more than once.
  • 46
    Meryl and Robert De Niro have worked together. How many times did they star together in a film?
  • 47
    "A Cry in the Dark", told the true story of a mother who claimed a dingo had killed her baby. How many children did Lindy and Michael Chamberlain have in the film?
  • 48
    How are the characters of Meryl and Glenn Close related in "The House of the Spirits"?
  • 49
    Name the actress who hasn't made more than one film with Meryl.
  • 50
    Which actress from "Sex and the City" has played a small role in "Marvin's Room"?
  • 51
    In which movie did Meryl do 90% of her own stunts?
  • 52
    In which movie did Meryl have to experiment with drugs?
  • 53
    Which Accent has Meryl NOT used in a film?
  • 54
    Which Meryl Streep movie did they first use special effects?
  • 55
    Is it true that Meryl is the oldest Child in her family?
  • 56
    Is it true that Meryl said that Dennis Quiad was a good kisser?
  • 57
    When is Meryl Streep Day Celebrated?
  • 58
    When she was on the "Ellen Degeneres show" back in 2002, what movie was she Promoting?
  • 59
    Can Meryl do a Cartwheel?
  • 60
    What Colour are Meryl's eyes?

Comments (5)


946 days ago
Prime came out in 2005, how is it possible that she was promoting it in 2002?
1823 days ago
i cliked on the answer it is says is right and it says i got it wrong i would check that if i were you
2114 days ago
You might want to look up the answer for question 60. Doctor Google seems to think she has green eyes.
2308 days ago
#53, she uses a southern accent in Seduction of Joe Tynan in 1979.
2902 days ago
You might want to check out #53. What accent was she using in Silkwood? Also #54. The opening scene of Out of Africa was a train, and they used special affects to make it more than one car, because they only had one car.