Can You Pass This Super-Hard Tom Holland Quiz?

I created this test for all those Hollanders out there who love your quacksons and wouldn't give them up for anything (lol). Sound like you? This quiz will definitely put your knowledge of this legend to the test - so get ready to be challenged! Please share if you think your friends would like it!

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    What illness was Tom diagnosed with when he was very little?

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194 days ago
Enter comment here ! No glorifying your words and this is not a dating site 😻 me dady
194 days ago
Ok so yall ... I failed because i had no tea to drink this morning so my brain cells left me . But i wish i could share some tea with Tom Holland a maybe a smooch too .undefinedundefined
330 days ago
Tom : I drink tea darling unless I’m in the states then I’ll drink coffee but I mostly drink tea
330 days ago
Hi I am his left eyebrow yes I am pointy but I do NOT mean to also shout out to all the girls who love Me
330 days ago
Hi got them all right ... I love you Tom ❤️ Wish I meet you one day 😘 everone hates me for talking about you all the time I got bullied for it but anyway ❤️ ALSO I LOVE THE PETER TINGLE USER SHOUT OUT TO YOU GIRL Ratatata
450 days ago
595 days ago
I just can't dslescribe hownit felt, when it said u r the ultimate fan of Tom Holland. That feeling is best!!!
Love you loadz sweetie, Tom Holland.... #stayblessed
741 days ago
Got all right!! 😁 OMG! Love u tom
881 days ago
I got them all right 😂😂
1038 days ago
I got them all right I never need that we had so much in common I mean I can’t do tattoos but still yayyyy
1046 days ago
I can't believe I didn't know Tom can do tattoos! (I love your quiz by the way!)
1143 days ago
10/10!!!!!!!! I love Tom Holland
1143 days ago
Super cute and fun quiz! I got an 8/10 shame on me lol
1154 days ago
I got all them!! Guess I knew more than I thought I did.
1171 days ago
Whoa thats crazy... i got almost all of them right?!
1236 days ago
I got everything on point.
1272 days ago
I got all of them correct!!! (I look him up everyday and go on every website, that means I'm a stalker) lol
1306 days ago
I am I huge fan of Tom and I didn’t know he could do tattoos on other people wow I’m a failure 😭

Sorry Tom love you
1439 days ago
Ahhh I thought I was an actual fan!