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Question 1:The Claphams rented the house next door to David Parker`s:
the same week after his father moved out
the week after his father moved out
the week before his father moved out
the day his father moved out

Question 2:At the beginning of the story, David
enjoyed the sight of Monty
really hated the sight of Monty
loved to spend time with Monty
wanted to be just like Monty

Question 3:David`s father now lives in:
the story does not tell us where he lives

Question 4:According to Alvin Cross, the Claphams moved away:
before lunch
during lunch
after lunch
they did not move away

Question 5:In the days after David adopts Monty, his attitude towards Monty seems:
to be much better
to indicate that he considers Monty a friend
none of the above

Question 6:When David`s mother tells him to make ``sure to lock the door`` after she leaves, David
does not answer, but locks the door
does answer, but does not lock the door
none of the above
does not answer and does not lock the door

Question 7:At the vet, the Doctor tells David that Monty is:
around fourteen years old
very old for a dog
old, and a victim of neglect
not old, but a victim of neglect

Question 8:Mr. Parker always said that when David got started on something:
he often gave up after a few days
he stopped immediately
none of the above
there was no stopping him anymore

Question 9:Each day after school, David:
let Monty fend for himself, as when he first adopted him
made sure to brush his own hair, and groom himself
took wonderful care of all Monty`s needs
went out with his friends

Question 10:To celebrate David`s grades in June, Mrs. Parker suggests
staying home and renting movies to celebrate
watching television to celebrate
calling his father to tell him the great news
going out for supper to celebrate his achievement

Question 11:While on the phone, David tells Mr. Parker he:
is coming to visit him for the entire summer
is coming to visit him, and bringing Monty
is going to visit him during the summer, but can only stay a few days
is not coming to visit him because he can`t leave Monty alone

Question 12:At the end of the story, Monty:
is upset that David is not paying attention to him
thumps David to get his attention
is very happy and content
gets back at David for being so mean earlier in the story

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