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How well do you know about these Creepypasta Characters? Take the quiz and see!

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    What Is Ticci-Toby Disease?

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989 days ago
Also Splendorman is my favorite slender brother!
989 days ago
"You know know enough to be a fan.
You have correctly answered 8/10 questions."

YES YEEEEEEEEES i've been a creepypasta fan sense I was eight!
1323 days ago
I got 10/10 😆😁 This was my first try and I feel pretty good! Not only knowing I got a good grade on this one, but others as well!
1323 days ago
Lost silver is also from a game?? And it is Hoodie not hoody OR hoodie.. good quiz tho
1376 days ago
I wish i got 10/10 but instead i got 9/10 im real big fan especially of toby (ticci toby) like 1 of my friends loves jeff and another 1 of my friends loves EJ but no one likes ticci toby hes so cool and he has social anxiety like meh 😁
1504 days ago
Anddddddd 10-10!!! (For me)
1504 days ago
I like this because it’s a real challenge for people who don’t know OLMOST every thing about Creepypasta like I do but it is really fun!!!! I like how you said Hoody or Hoodie!!!
1678 days ago
Yasss I’m a real fan 10/10
1686 days ago
9/10 meh I still don't know what I got wrong
1743 days ago
Jaaaaaaaaaaaayyy 10 from 10!!!!!!😍😂❤🤩😅
1810 days ago
To help you out a bit (just a bit, you obviously know your stuff):
BEN is naturally human. He's from the real world. I clicked Lost the first time and said it was wrong. However, he's originally from Pokemon.

Just to help.
1825 days ago
I got 7 out of 10! Yay, Imma fan for life!!
1971 days ago
I nailed this!I know my stuff :3
1983 days ago
Like it is Splendorman not splenederman
2108 days ago
Okayy, now I'm scared..
2153 days ago
This was easy
2180 days ago
2180 days ago
I like creepypasta even laughing jack
2197 days ago
I love creepy things like Annabell’s creation
2197 days ago
You must die jk I love dis