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Do you know your Creepypastas?

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You will guess the creepypastas and you don't like them its fine right there are 15!

  • 1
    I Have No Face I Have a Tux on me and I have no hair What's my name?
  • 2
    I Have black hair and I'm a killer whats my name?
  • 3
    I Have black hair a red bow and I have a purple jacket! whats my name?

  • 4
    I am From a game and I have blond hair and have a green jacket! What's my name?
  • 5
    I have Black hair and I hate one creepypasta and I have black lipstick What's my name?
  • 6
    I hide in the dark and look nice and I smile What's my name?

  • 7
    I look like a spider but I am not What's my name?
  • 8
    I love to prank other creepypastas with My friend What's my name?
  • 9
    I Love my best friend and I prank Creepypastas What's my name?
  • 10
    I have a yellow jacket and I have no eyes What's my name?

  • 11
    I Have no eyes and I wear a Blue mask What's my name?
  • 12
    I have a no Face and I love one Creepypasta What's my name?
  • 13
    I Love Clocks and have a brown Jacket What's my name?
  • 14
    I Have Brown hair and a teddy What's my name?
  • 15
    I have horns and devil wings What's my name?

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980 days ago
Laughing Jack, Nina, and Jeff the Killer all have black hair and are serial killers. Both Lazari and Sally have teddy bears too. And Kastaway never mentioned Toby liking clocks (I am aware that at some point him and Clockwork were dating before he was deleted)
1047 days ago
Bruh its sally not lazari. 🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️
1069 days ago
just for your information dear creator of the quiz BOTH sally AAAAND lazari has brown hair and a teddy
1402 days ago
Just gonna say one of them is wrong it's number 14 it's SALLY Williams Lazari is the daughter of zalgo and can turn into a demon search it up😑