Creepypasta True to False!

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I'm excited to see everybody's results! Are you a creepypasta fan? If you are, you'll probably get, all the answers CORRECT!

  • 1
    Ticci Toby, uses a knife.
  • 2
    Eyeless Jack eats Kidneys
  • 3
    Sally William's became this way, because
    of her Mother.

  • 4
    Jeff the killer, has a sister.
  • 5
    Ben Drowned, was Drowned because he fell into a lake while he was drunk.
  • 6
    Homicidal Liu, is Jeff the killer's brother.

  • 7
    Zalgo and Slenderman like to dance with eachother every night.
  • 8
    Ticci Toby annoys Masky.
  • 9
    Jane the killer is mostly shipped with Eyeless Jack (I ship her with Masky)
  • 10
    Nina loves Jeff, and says "Go to sleep my prince"

  • 11
    Jeff the killer has a lot of Fangirls.
  • 12
    Lazari is the daughter of Zalgo.
  • 13
    Homicidal Liu, became a murderer because of Jeff.
  • 14
    Clockwork became insane, and poked out one of her eyes to replace it with an Eyewatch.
  • 15
    Jane the killer wears a mask
  • 16
    Bloody Painter's real name is Mike.

  • 17
    Eyeless Jack heard that Kidneys were good for his eyes, because his Dad told him.
  • 18
    Jeff the killer killed his brother, and his brother is a ghost.
  • 19
    Clockwork escaped the Mental asylum and went to kill.
  • 20
    Slenderman murders animals

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340 days ago
I used to watch creepypasta how I forget everything 😭😭 I got 11/20
783 days ago
I got 19/20!! HELL YEAH
984 days ago
I got 20/20!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
991 days ago
19 OUT OF 20 BABY!!!!!!!
1075 days ago
19 out of 20 NIiiiiiiiiiiiice :3
1323 days ago
I also made some really bad tests. I dont like them....
1323 days ago
Omg, awesome test! Love it so much! I got 16 questions correct.