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Read three first chapters from "Dracula" (W. B. page 90) and answer the questions (true or false). You will be given only 250 seconds. Don't bee slow.

  • 1
    Jonathan Harker is a lawyer.
  • 2
    Mina had told: "You'll be back in two mounts..." to Jonathan before he set out.
  • 3
    Vampires hate the smell of garlic, that's why people wear it to protect themselves.

  • 4
    Count Dracula had long dark hair.
  • 5
    Jonathan found Dracula's library with many books in English.
  • 6
    Jonathan had cut himself while shaving, because he couldn't see his own image in the mirror.

  • 7
    One afternoon Jonathan saw three beautiful young women in his room. They wanted to bite him.
  • 8
    One night, Jonathan saw, how Dracula left his room. Then he decided to follow them and climbed out of the window.
  • 9
    Jonathan founded fifteen wooden boxes in the chapel.
  • 10
    Jonathan hit sleeping Dracula with a wooden cross.

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