Are You Enchanted By Ella Enchanted?
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Are You Enchanted By Ella Enchanted?

Are you in love with Prince Charmont or do you hate Hattie? Take this test to see how much you really know.

Question 1:   What did Hattie take from Ella?
Mandy's magic book
The ring Prince Charmont gave her
Her mother's necklace
Her glass slippers

Question 2:   What fairy tale is this book based on?
Sleeping Beauty
Snow White
Peter Pan

Question 3:   What's Hattie's little sister's name?

Question 4:   What does Ella become after her father has left and she lives with her stepfamily?
Personal servant
Scullcery maid

Question 5:   Where do Ella and Prince Charmont meet for the first time?
At Ella's mom's funeral
At a royal ball
In a foreign country
At her father's wedding

Question 6:   What magical creature can Ella tame by using their own magic?

Question 7:   What does Ella take before she leaves finishing school?
Hattie's wig
Olive's money
The schools silverware

Question 8:   What does she like to do with Prince Charmont that she used to do with her mother?
Have running races
Climb trees
Make faces at the cook
Slide down stair rails

Question 9:   How many balls did the Prince have to find his wife?

Question 10:   Why does Ella have to do whatever she is told to?
She just wants to
They hypnotize her
She's under a curse
Her mother tells her to

Question 11:   Why didn't she want to marry the Prince?
She thought he was ugly
She already had a husband
Her father didn't want her to
She wanted to but she didn't want to put him in danger

Question 12:   Where does she first meet Lucinda?
At her house
In an elf village
At a giant's wedding

Question 13:   What does Prince Charmont give Ella?
A ring
A bird
A centaur
A necklace

Question 14:   Why does Hattie hate Ella?
She betrayed her
Hattie's mom loves Ella more
She's below her
She's jealous

Question 15:   Which of Ella's stepsisters got married?

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