Harry Potter & the Philosipher's Stone Genius Test
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Harry Potter & the Philosipher's Stone Genius Test

This test is for all the people who feel that they know the book very well. If you don't ace this test, don't feel bad. You could always read the book another 5 times if you fail at first.

Question 1:What colour are the uniforms for Stonewall High?

Question 2:What did Dudley throw through the greenhouse roof when he was mad that Harry got to have his second beedroom?
His alarm clock
His tortoise
A potted plant

Question 3:How long has Ollivanders been making fine wands?
since 1999 AD.
since 765 BC.
since 382 BC.

Question 4:How many years in a row has the Slytherin House won the house cup?

Question 5:What day did Gringotts have a break-in?
July 31
May 4
June 25

Question 6:What kind of broom does Malfoy have?
Silver Arrow
Shooting Star
Comet 260

Question 7:What does it say on top of the Mirror of Erised?
Erised wedw ferr mig aloo dain ooter wohsi
Erised stra ehru oyt ube cafru oyt on wohsi
Erised poiku dert strav fimko ferb tigaw wohsi

Question 8:What colour is unicorn blood?

Question 9:What are the names of the centaurs that Harry meet in the forest?
Ronan, Bane & Firenze
Bane, Shuckle & Shamoon
Ronan, Bane & Ferinze

Question 10:What spell did Hermione cast on Neville?
The full Body Bind
Hair Loss
The Leg Locker Curse

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