The Hardest Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets test ever!!!
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The Hardest Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets test ever!!!

This test is really, really hard, so be prepared to be stumped.

Question 1:In the first Transfiguration class of the second year, Professor McGonagall teaches the students how to...?
turn an animal into a goblet.
turn a beetle into a button.
turn a piece of grass into a needle.
turn a teacup into a turtle.

Question 2:After Hermione added the shredded skin of a boomslang and the powdered bicorn horn, how long would it be till the potion was finished?
3 weeks
5 days
1 week
2 weeks

Question 3:What was in the envelope that Harry found on Filch's desk?
a Kwikspell course
a letter saying he was not to use the chains behind his desk as a punishment.
a letter from his brother.
a course on how to brew excellent potions

Question 4:How long was the composition that Professor Binns asked his students to do on "The Medievel Assembly of European Wizards."?
2 feet
3 feet
8 inches
1 foot

Question 5:The Mandrake plant is also known as the...?

Question 6:Here's an easy one, Tom Riddle's middle name was...?

Question 7:Here's another super easy one, What was the monster inside the Chamber of Secrets?
a giant snake
a basilisk
a reptile
a chicken

Question 8:How many inches high are Cornish pixies?

Question 9:When the fireworks that Harry toss into Goyle's cauldron explode, the class is showered in what potion?
Swelling Solution
Aging Potion
Shrinking Solution
Forgetfulness Potion

Question 10:What fruit was Colin Creevey bringing to Harry when he gets petrified?
an apple
a banana

Question 11:Where do the Weaslys keep their pot of floo powder?
on a hook next to the fireplace
on the grate in front of the fireplace
right next to the sink
the kitchen mantelpiece

Question 12:Who is the author of The Standard Book of Spells books?
Miranda Goshawk
Jane Gollawc
Newt Scamander
Manda Godshawk

Question 13:Which plant were Harry and Ron pruning in Herbology when they saw a line of spiders hurrying towards the Forbidden Forest?
Venemous Tentactulas

Question 14:Which shop did Harry land in while using floo powder for the first time?
Borgin and Burkes
Burkes and Borgin
Burgin and Borkes
Blavery and Blodary

Question 15:What words did Harry say to cause Dudley to run back to the house screaming for his mum?
Jiggery pokery!
Higgldy piggldy!

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