Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets
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Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets

How much do you really know about the Chamber of Secrets? This is a test based only on the book.

Question 1:   Where does Harry's broomstick, cauldron, wand, and robes get locked?
In the cupboard under the stairs
In Uncle Vernon and Aunt Petunia's room
In the Attic

Question 2:   What are the names of the visitors that Uncle Vernon has over?
Mr. and Mrs. Maison
Mr. and Mrs. Masen
Mr. and Mrs. Mason

Question 3:   When Harry sneaks off with Ron, what gives Harry away?
The slamming of his trunk in the car
Hedwig, his owl
The loud roar of the engine

Question 4:   Why does Harry get messed up when using the Floo Powder?
He coughs
He says the word wrong
He sneezes

Question 5:   On Harry's last day at the Burrow, what kind of fireworks do Fred and George set off?
Felebuster fireworks
Filibuster fireworks
Filebuster fireworks
Felibuster fireworks

Question 6:   Why does Mrs. Weasley send Ron a Howler?
He stole money
He stole from Flourish + Botts
He stole the flying car

Question 7:   What time does Harry have to get up for his first Qudditich practice of the season?
5 A.M.
7 A.M.
6 A.M.

Question 8:   Why does Harry get in trouble with Mr. Filch?
He spills his cauldron
He drips mud on the floor
He lets off a spell and it hits Filch

Question 9:   Who says, "Potter and his friends may have simply been in the wrong place at the wrong time."?
Prof. Dumbledore
Prof. McGonagall
Prof. Snape

Question 10:   What is the name of the book that Hermionie finds the Polyjuice Potion in?
Cunning Potions
Most Potent Potions
Moste Potent Potions

Question 11:   In the Dueling Club, what is the first spell that Malfoy uses on Harry?

Question 12:   What did Harry get for Christmas?
a book "Flying with Cannons, a toothpick, a owl-feathered quill
a book "Flying with Cannons, a toothpick, a hawk-feathered quill
a book "Flying with Cannons, a toothpick, an eagle-feathered quill

Question 13:   When Hermione gets a tail, which teacher sends a get better card?
Prof. Dumbledore
Prof. McGonagall
Prof. Lockhart

Question 14:   How can you tell when the Mandrakes are almost matured?
They turn green
They sprout thicker leaves
They throw a party

Question 15:   Who's the ghost that died because of the basilick? (I know this is easy.)
Nearly Headless Nick
Bloody Baron
Moaning Myrtle

Question 16:   When Hermione was petrified, Harry and Ron found out about the basilick in a piece of paper in Hermione's hand. What hand do Harry and Ron find the piece of paper in?
It doesn't mention

Question 17:   What's Tom Riddle's middle name?

Question 18:   What's the last work in the book?

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