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Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets (Difficulty: 9)

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You are about to begin a VERY DIFFICULT Harry Potter quiz. These questions require EXTREMELY precise reading of the book. PLEASE DO NOT CHEAT! It took me a long time to develop this quiz, and you get no rewards for cheating. Quotes have been modified so you can't look them up, as have some names of books and people. Difficulties are next to the question.

  • 1
    What time does Uncle Vernon want Aunt Petunia, Dudley and Harry to be in place for the dinner party? (Difficulty: 8)
  • 2
    What is Aunt Petunia’s starting position for the dinner party? (Difficulty: 4)
  • 3
    After Harry taunts Dudley with the fake incantation, what does Aunt Petunia try to hit him with? (Difficulty: 6)

  • 4
    How does Dobby punish himself for agreeing that he has not met many decent wizards? (Difficulty: 10)
  • 5
    After Dobby leaves Harry’s room, what story is Uncle Dursley telling Mr. Mason to tell Aunt Petunia? (Difficulty: 7)
  • 6
    Now that the Dursleys know that Harry isn’t allowed to use magic outside of school what do they not have to be afraid of waking up as? (Difficulty: 7)

  • 7
    What book does Harry not notice when he enters The Burrow? (Difficulty: 7)
  • 8
    When Mr. Weasley is talking about his day at work, who does he say was taken away for extremely odd ferrets? (Difficulty: 9)
  • 9
    What place are the Chudley Cannons in the league at the beginning of book 2? (Difficulty: 8)
  • 10
    In Borgin and Burkes, there is/are _______ lying on the counter when Harry arrives there via flu powder. (Difficulty: 9)

  • 11
    What do the 2nd year Gryffindors have for their first class on Monday? (Difficulty: 9)
  • 12
    In which book does Gilderoy Lockhart state that his favorite color is lilac? (Difficulty: 10)
  • 13
    In which dungeon did some third years accidentally splatter frog brains all over the wall? (Difficulty: 9)
  • 14
    How many times was Nearly Headless Nick hit with a blunt axe? (Difficulty: 10)
  • 15
    Who wrote, “I had no memory for incantations and my potions were a joke! Now, after a Kwikspell lesson, I’m always the center of attention at parties and my friends beg for the recipe of my Scintillation Solution!”? (Modified slightly to avoid lookup) (Difficulty: 10)
  • 16
    When Fred and George put the firework into the “rescued” salamander, what color stars come out of it's mouth? (Difficulty: 7)

  • 17
    Who is the Fat Friar talking to when Harry, Ron, and Hermione first see him at the Death day Party? (Difficulty: 7)
  • 18
    In what year did Nearly Headless Nick die? (Difficulty: 8)
  • 19
    How long is Hermione’s composition of “The Medieval Assembly of European Wizards? (Difficulty: 9)
  • 20
    In what year did the International Warlock Convention that Professor Binns talks about in the same class he explains the Chamber of Secrets occur? (Difficulty: 9)

  • 21
    How many bones does Madam Pomfrey need to re-grow in Harry's arm? (Difficulty: 8)
  • 22
    How many points did Gryffindor win in the match against Slytherin? (Difficulty: 7)
  • 23
    While Hermione is talking about Slytherin’s monster possibly being invisible, what is she doing with the Polyjuice potion? (Difficulty: 7)
  • 24
    Which of the following did Neville not buy during the during the trade of protective devices in reaction to the attack on Colin Creevy? (Difficulty: 6)
  • 25
    In the library where the Hufflepuffs are talking about Justin being Harry’s next target (result of dueling club), in which section of the library does Harry hide? (Difficulty: 8)
  • 26
    What is the Dursley's birthday present for Harry in his second year? (Difficulty: 7)

  • 27
    What color did Goyle’s hair turn the Polyjuice Potion? (Difficulty: 8)
  • 28
    By the beginning of breakfast on Valentine’s day, how many people had already sent Lockhart a Valentine’s card? (Difficulty: 10)
  • 29
    In the Charms class on Valentine’s day, what color bubbles were blossoming from Ron’s wand? (Difficulty: 9)
  • 30
    What year was Hagrid born in, assuming he was 13 in his third year and it has been exactly 50 years since the chamber was opened? (Hint: Use Nearly Headless Nick’s death day and death age) (Difficulty: 10)

  • 31
    When Harry enters his dorm room after Ginny goes through it, he treads on a few loose pages of ________. (Difficulty: 9)
  • 32
    From where was the warlock who saved the village from werewolves? (Difficulty: 9)
  • 33
    When will the second years exams start? (Difficulty: 9)

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