Harry Potter and Prisoner of Azkaban
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Harry Potter and Prisoner of Azkaban

Do you know about Harry's 3rd year @ Hogwarts? Do you know the secrets within the school, or about the murderer Sirius Black? Test here!

Question 1:Who feeds the dogs while Aunt Marge is away?
Colonel Fubseat
Colonel Frightrain
Colonel Fubster
Colonel Frubster
Colonel Fubbygaite

Question 2:How many Galleons did the Weasely family win from the Daily Prophet Grand prize Galleon Draw?
500 Galleons
800 Galleons
1000 Galleons
900 Galleons
700 Galleons

Question 3:What school does Harry supposedly go to?
St. Brutus's Center for Incredibly Weird Boys
St. Brutus's Secure Center for Incurably Crazy Boys
St. Brutus's Center for Incurably Criminal Boys
St. Brutus's Secure Center for Incurably Criminal Boys
St. Brutus's Center for Young Men

Question 4:What do you have to do to flag the Knight Bus?
Stick out your wand and say 'Knight Bus Appero'
Say 'Knight Bus'
Stick out out right hand
Stick out your wand hand
Start doing push-ups

Question 5:What page was the information on Werewolves in his Defense Against the Dark Arts book?
pg. 390
pg. 466
pg. 333
pg. 394

Question 6:How many tunnels are there out of Hogwarts?
7 tunnels
6 tunnels
4 tunnels
8 tunnels
5 tunnels

Question 7:What form does Harry's patronus take?

Question 8:How many students stayed at Hogwarts during the Christmas Holidays?
5 students
6 students
4 students
10 students
7 students

Question 9:What type of charm did Hermoine miss while she missed class?
Levitation Charm
Tickiling Charm
Cheering Charm
Silencing Charm
Crying Charm

Question 10:About how many dementors were near the lake?
50 dementors
100 demetors
75 dementors
200 dementors
5 dementors

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