Harry Potter Quotes Quiz (book 3)

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Who said what? How well do you know Harry Potter?

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    Who said....

    "So. Still here, are you?"
  • 2
    Who said....

    "What didja call Neville, Minister?"
  • 3
    Who said...

    "...he's happy not knowing!"

  • 4
    Who said....

    "Oh no! I forgot to go to Charms!"
  • 5
    Who said....

    "What did you go running to McGonagall for?"
  • 6
    Who said....

    "Had the whole week's my lady! Read 'em off a little piece of paper!"

  • 7
    Who said....

    "Excellent, are we carrying on?"
  • 8
    Who said....

    "Confunded, both of them....Black's done a very good job on them..."
  • 9
    Who said...

    "Well, honestly... "The fates have informed her"...who sets the exam?"
  • 10
    Who said...

    "Ah, there's Penelope!"

  • 11
    Who said....

    "But what if I'd given Harry to him, eh?"
  • 12
    Who said....

    "I'm telling it like it is, Professor!"
  • 13
    Who said....

    "We think he's trying to drown himself."
  • 14
    Who said.....

    "We tried to shut him in a pyramid, but Mum spotted us."
  • 15
    Who said....

    "Harry, do you know any of these men?"
  • 16
    Who said...

    "What we need, is more time."

  • 17
    Who said....

    "You're fighting a losing battle there, dear,"
  • 18
    Who said...

    "Don't tell me - "
  • 19
    Who said....

    "He could've flown in,"
  • 20
    Who said.....

    "She's got her heart in the right place....."

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