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Harry Potter Book 3 Beyond Expert (expanded version)

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This quiz is based upon minutia from the book. No Internet Questions, Chapter Titles etc. Designed to quiz you on how well you have retained what you read. This quiz is a continuation of my previous quiz "Harry Potter Book 3 Beyond Expert"

  • 1
    What was the subject of the essay Harry was required to write for his Potions class during summer holiday
  • 2
    When Arthur Weasley won the Annual Daily Prophet Grand Prize Galleon Draw, he spent the gold to take his family on holiday to Egypt. How long did they stay
  • 3
    What did Harry force himself to think about when Aunt Marge started criticizing him

  • 4
    When Harry took the Knight Bus to the Leaky Cauldron after blowing up his Aunt Marge, where was fellow passenger Madam March going
  • 5
    When Harry spent two weeks staying at the Leaky Cauldron prior to the start of his third year at Hogwarts, Mr Fortescue, proprietor of Fortescue's Ice Cream Parlor, would give him a free sundae how frequently
  • 6
    Which building in Hogsmeade was headquarters for the 1612 goblin rebellion

  • 7
    What color was Professor Flitwick's hair
  • 8
    Who did Hagrid replace as The Care of Magical Creatures professor
  • 9
    Who assisted Harry, Ron and Hermione locating their Divination class for their first lesson
  • 10
    The 5 colors of Hagrid's Hippogriffs were stormy gray, gleaming chestnut, inky black, Pinkish roan and

  • 11
    Professor Lupin brought to class a glass box containing a little one-legged creature who looked as though he was made from wisps of smoke called a
  • 12
    How many stone steps led from the passageway from Hogwarts up to Honeydukes
  • 13
    How many members of the Magical Law Enforcement Squad were required to capture Sirius Black after he supposedly blew up Peter Pettigrew
  • 14
    After replacing The Fat Lady portrait guarding the entrance to Gryffindor Tower, Sir Cadogan was observed by Harry, Ron and Hermione enjoying a Christmas party with several other portraits. Who was NOT at the party
  • 15
    How many owls did Harry observe when he and Ron went to the post office in Hogsmeade
  • 16
    When Hermione and Harry went back in time to save Sirius and Buckbeak, how many turns on the Time-Turner were required

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