Goblet of Fire
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Goblet of Fire

How well do you love Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire? We'll soon see!

Question 1:   Which page does the first chapter of the Goblet of Fire end at?

Question 2:   How far away is Harry from the dream of the Riddle House?
100 miles
500 miles
1 block
200 miles

Question 3:   Name 2 of the praisers for J.K.Rowling and the Harry Potter books?...
The Globe and Mail and Publishers
The Scotsman and the Vancouver Sun
The Mail and the Maclean's
the Maclean's and the Suncover

Question 4:   What is Chapter 29 called?
The Madness of Mr.Crouch
The Second Task
The Third Task
The Pensieve
The Dream

Question 5:   "It comes down to this." says ___________, rubbing their forehead... Who said this in Chapter 29?

Question 6:   What 1 part of the riddle does the egg say?
Come seek us where our voice sound
Come seek us in the ground
Come seek us where our voices do not sound
Come seek us in the water
Come seek us where our voices sound

Question 7:   "Why weren't you two at dinner?" Hermione asked."Because they both got turned down by 2 girls they asked to go to the ball."Ginny told her. What did Harry and Ron do after that?
They laughed
They blushed
They shut up
They pounched Ginny for telling Hermione that
They gave Ginny an evil eye

Question 8:   "Nice try, Harry, I'm back in the _______ and well hidden.I want u to keep me posted on everything that's going on at Hogwarts...blah blah blah, Sirius Fill in the blank for Sirius's letter to Harry.

Question 9:   What are the 2 schools names?
Hogwarts and Beauxbatos
Baeuxbatons and Drumstrang
Durmstrang and Baexbatons
Batons and Drums
Durmstrang and Beauxbatons

Question 10:   Who says this to who? "Neville's right-you are a girl!"
Hermione to Malfoy
Malfoy to Hermione
Ron to Malfoy
Ron to Hermione
Malfoy to Ron

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