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Harry Potter Book 4 Beyond Expert (Expanded Version)

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This quiz is based upon minutia from the book. No Internet Questions, Chapter Titles etc. Designed to quiz you on how well you have retained what you read. This quiz is a continuation of my previous quiz, "Harry Potter Book 4 Beyond Expert" There are NO repeat questions from the first quiz.

  • 1
    Name of the village pub in Little Hangleton?
  • 2
    How old was Frank, the Riddle's former gardener when he was murdered by Voldemort?
  • 3
    Who actually killed Bertha Jorkins once Voldemort decided she had to die?

  • 4
    Who named Ron's owl "Pigwidgeon"?
  • 5
    In the Quidditch World Cup, who did Ireland defeat in the semi-finals?
  • 6
    What was the name of the Muggle caretaker of the campground where Harry and his friends stayed for the Quidditch World Cup?

  • 7
    There were no numerals on the face of the Weasley's grandfather clock, but instead had descriptions of where each family member was currently located. What was in the position where number 12 was normally located?
  • 8
    What color was the water balloon Peeves dropped on Ron's head in the Great Hall the night they arrived for start of term?
  • 9
    What color were the dress robs Harry wore to the Yule Ball?
  • 10
    What were the combined number of witches playing on the Irish and Bulgarian World Cup Quidditch teams?

  • 11
    What was the order in which Professor Moody demonstrated the Unforgivable Curses th Harry and his 4th year class?
  • 12
    Before Harry had a date to the Yule Ball, several girls decided to invite him. What was the curly haired Hufflepuff girl's grade level?
  • 13
    At the welcoming feast, one of the Beauxbaton girls asked Harry and Ron if they had finished with a certain French food dish at their table. What was the name of the dish?
  • 14
    What time did Sirius want Harry alone by the fireplace in Gryffindor Tower to discuss Harry being entered into the Triwizard Tournament?
  • 15
    What was Harry's point standing in the Triwizard Tournament after the first event?
  • 16
    Dobby presented Harry with one red sock and one green sock, which he had personally made himself as a Christmas present. What were the patterns on the socks?

  • 17
    While performing at the Yule Ball, the Weird Sisters had 5 different types of musical instruments on stage. What did they have besides guitar, cello, drums and bagpipes?
  • 18
    What was the password for entry to the prefect's bathroom?
  • 19
    When Harry was working on a solution to the problem of staying underwater for an hour, Hermione suggested that the ideal solution would be to transfigure himself into a?
  • 20
    When Wormtail was adding ingredients to the cauldron containing Voldemort, the solution changed color several times. Which was NOT one of the colors in the cauldron?

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