Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix Quiz!!!
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Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix Quiz!!!

Not much to say. Take this quiz if you've just read Harry Potter 5, or if you've ever read it really. This is a pretty easy test, but some questions are a bit tricky. Good luck. You'll need it. Maybe... I don't know.... Just take the stupid test!!!! ^_^

Question 1:Where do the dementors attack in the first chapter?
The Hogwarts Express
Platform 9 and 3/4
Little Whinging

Question 2:Who does Harry save from the dementors?

Question 3:Who is not one of the people that comes to take Harry to the headquarters of the Order of the Phoenix?
Mad-Eye Moody
Sirius Black

Question 4:Where is the headquarters of the Order of the Phoenix located?
The Burrow
Diagon Alley
The room of requirement
Sirius Black's old house
The Forbidden Forest

Question 5:What is the name of Sirius's house elf?

Question 6:Why do the Weasleys think Percy got promoted?
He worked hard
He handled the situation with Crouch well
To spy on them and Dumbledore
He bribed Ministry officials

Question 7:Why does Harry have to go to a hearing at the Ministry of Magic?
It is suspected that he has contact with Dumbledore
He sent howlers to the ministry
He used a Patronus while he could be seen by a muggle
It's a psychiatric observation because he said Voldemort was back

Question 8:Who do Harry and Mr.Weasley see as they are leaving Harry's hearing at the Ministry of Magic?
Draco Malfoy
Percy Weasley
Lord Voldemort
Moaning Myrtle
Lucius Malfoy

Question 9:What teacher's absence alarms Harry at the welcome feast?

Question 10:Who is the Hogwarts High Inquisitor?
Professor Snape
Professor Dumbledore
Professor Umbridge
Madame Maxime
Cornelius Fudge

Question 11:What do the initials DA stand for in the student organized Defence Against the Dark Arts class?
Defence Association
anti- Dark Arts
Dumbledore's Army
nothing - it's actually DADA (Defence Against the Dark Arts)

Question 12:Who is the new keeper for the Gryffindor quiddich team?
Ginny Weasley
Ron Weasley
Hermione Granger
Neville Longbottom

Question 13:Which quiddich team is the first to be re-instated?
None- quiddich is banned

Question 14:Why does Dumbledore want Harry to learn Occlumency?
It will help Harry to become an Auror
He wants Harry and Snape to get along better
To keep Voldemort from reading Harry's mind

Question 15:What does Snape tell Harry to tell people if they ask about why he was in the potions for his Occlumency class?
He needed homework help
The truth
He has to take remedial potions

Question 16:How does Harry know that Mr. Weasley was attacked by a snake?
His scar burns in the middle of class
It is right outside his room
Ron tells him
He sees it in a dream

Question 17:When does Harry see Hagrid being attacked by Stunners?
While studying between classes
During his astronomy OWL
In Care of Magical Creatures class
Through the window of the Great Hall

Question 18:Which of the following OWLs does Harry not have to take but Hermione does?
Defence Against the Dark Arts

Question 19:What is Voldemort trying to get from the Department of Mysteries in the Ministry of Magic?
A weapon that has the same effect as the Dementor's Kiss
A prophecy about how to destroy Harry
Nothing - he just wants to lure Harry there

Question 20:Now, the most simple question that everyone wanted the answer to - who dies???
Hermione Granger
Cho Chang
Neville Longbottom
Sirius Black

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