Order of the Phoenix Test
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Order of the Phoenix Test

Question 1:What is the name of the secret organization that works to defeat Lord Voldemort?
the Defence Squad
the Defence Association
Order of the Phoenix
the Defence League
Order of the Defence Against the Dark Lord

Question 2:What does the DA stand for?
Dumbeldore's Army
Defence Association
Defence Army
Desperation Association

Question 3:Which three turn up in Little Whinning to take Harry away?
Moody, Tonks, Sirius
Lupin, Tonks, Moody
Sirius, Lupin, James
Sirius, Lupin, Moody

Question 4:Which new "teacher" starts at Hogwarts for Harry's 5th year, becomes High Inquisitor, and takes over as Headmistress?`

Question 5:What creature does Hagrid take his Care of Magical Creatures class into the forest to see?

Question 6:What was the weapon in the Department of Mysteries?
a weapon that has the power to destroy everyone in the wizarding and non-wizarding world
a Prophecy
a weapon that had the potential to finally kill Harry Potter
there was nothing there afterall, ha ha Voldemort!

Question 7:What class did Harry have to take Monday evenings with Professor Snape?
Remidial Potions

Question 8:What was the address of Sirius's mothers house?
Number 12, Grimauld Place
Number 12, Wysteria Walk
Number 12, Grimmyold Place
Number 12, Grimmauld Place

Question 9:Who becomes Gryffindor's new Keeper?
Ron Weasley
Ginny Weasly
Hermione Granger
Luna Lovegood
Dean Thomas

Question 10:Which character is killed in the Department of Mysteries?
Harry Potter
Lord Voldemort
Neville Longbottom
Sirius Black
Albus Dumbeldore

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