Harry Potter and the Ootp
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Harry Potter and the Ootp

How well do you know Harry Potter and the Ootp. Take this quiz to find out.

Question 1:   What kind of flowers do Parvati and Lavendar take to Professor Trelawny?
Biting Flowers

Question 2:   Who in Harrys Care of magical creatures saw death?
Draco, Harry, Ron, Pansy and Crabbe
Luna, Harry and Neville
No one can see threstrals
A slytherin boy, Neville and Harry
Hermione, Dean, Seamus

Question 3:   In the book Dennis Creevy was in Hogsmeade but he shouldn't have been. Why?
Dennis wasn't in Hogsmeade that was Colin
He was too young
He was banned from all Hogsmeade visits
He had a detention

Question 4:   Where is the tea room in St. Mungos?
first floor
fourth floor
ground floor
Fifth floor

Question 5:   After St. Mungo's Harry and his friends are talking about being possessed. Who was possessed in Ootp during that conversation.
No one.

Question 6:   What did Harry give Ron for Christmas?
Chudley canons hat
Broom compass
a homework organizer

Question 7:   How many Family arguments has the witch see all day at St. Mungos?

Question 8:   Professor Toftys friend tells him that Harry can do the Patronus curse. What is his name?
Tiberius Odgen
Arthur Weasley
Berty Dertuis
Werten Bengert

Question 9:   When Harry and Hermione lead Professor Umbridge out to the forbidden forest who do they meet?

Question 10:   Where did Hagrid hide out when the ministry was after him?
He didn't hide out.
His hut
The mountains
Number 12 Grimmauld place
The forest with Grawp.

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