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Harry Potter Book 6 Beyond Expert

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This quiz is based upon minutia from the book. No Internet Questions, Chapter Titles etc. Designed to quiz you on how well you have retained what you read. You have not seen most of these questions.

  • 1
    Name of the muggle Junior Minister who was under the influence of a poorly performed Imperius Curse so that all he did was walk around and quack like a duck?
  • 2
    Where was Horace Slughorn hiding when found by Dumbledore and Harry?
  • 3
    From which country did Fred and George import Instant Darkness Powder?

  • 4
    Who, besides Harry and Neville was invited to join Professor Slughorn in his compartment for lunch on the train ride to Hogwarts?
  • 5
    The classroom was full of vapor and odd smells in Professor Slughorn's Potions Class on the first day of school. The gold colored cauldron in front of Harry was emitting aromas which simultaneously reminded him of several memories, Which was NOT one of those memories?
  • 6
    Who authored the text "Advanced Potion-Making?

  • 7
    According to Professor Trelawney, which playing card represents "violence"?
  • 8
    Tom Riddle Sr. and his girlfriend frequently rode past the Gaunt's shack where Voldemort's future mother lived with her father and brother. What was Riddle's Girlfriend's name?
  • 9
    In which district of London does Stan Shunpike, the Knight Bus conductor, live?
  • 10
    Which word or phrase did Phineas Nigellus NOT use to describe Harry?

  • 11
    What style suit was Dumbledore wearing when he visited Tom Riddle at the orphanage?
  • 12
    What was Dumbledore's hair color as a young man?
  • 13
    What beverage did Harry, Hermione and Luna all drink at Professor Slughorn's party?
  • 14
    What did Ginny, Fred and George pelt Percy with when he appeared at the Burrow with Scrimgeour on Christmas Day?
  • 15
    Harry took Ron to Professor Slughorn's office after Ron had consumed several chocolate cauldrons laced with Romilda Vane's love potion. What color dressing gown was Slughorn wearing?
  • 16
    When Hermione was researching "what Horcruxes do", what was the only book she could find that even mentions Horcruxes?

  • 17
    What term was NOT used by Malfoy when Harry met him in the hallway while en route to the Quidditch match against Hufflepuff?
  • 18
    After Aragog's burial, Harry, Hagrid and Professor Slughorn were sitting around Hagrid's cabin drinking wine when Hagrid and Slughorn began singing a slow sad song about a dying wizard named:?
  • 19
    During Snape's detention, Harry had to recopy file cards containing the historic records of wrongdoers at Hogwarts and their punishments. His father and Sirius were punished for hexing another student. Who was that student?
  • 20
    At the Battle of the Astronomy Tower, which Death Eater set off "the Mark"?

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